Identity and the Evolution of?


Struggle Upright the Only Success?

    When 666 the mark of the beast is insanity that fails to appreciate, respect, acknowledge, consider, and honor life; appreciation becomes the mark of civility democratic? Love, true love as glorification then, is a testament of a genuine civilization maintained by propriety medicinal; health oriented? Power of Gods anointed, of Gods evolutionary success for God its self being rightly honored inside and out? Rivaled by only traumatic injury?

     Were I not so preoccupied with keeping my brother I would articulate my understanding of his deity with jewel adorned poetry as well or better than being his keeper professes of him. What a trash to annihilate with negation my own existence as either, keeper or he whom glorifies; to be both as vicious guard? Alas Karma was not so kind to so many of you as it was unto me, your glory your own guard? Never receptive, per defensive, of the appreciation that blesses environmentally?

     Nevertheless I carry on as mediator overwhelmed by variables infinite to inspire the blessings of deity to touch the morrow even more fair than it has this lily that gazes. What to present? How to bless and enrich the song of broken hearts so tired? Celebration appropriated by these very same systems of propriety I labor for? Indeed... Amen.

Galaxies Infinite.

     Developing identities begin in the spirit that encourages conception and are solidified as identity at the time of? These phases of establishment are easily considered heaven and earth, karma of microcosmic self? This identity however does not become completely integrated until conscious realization and/or individual acknowledgement of existence is perceived which, for mostly all I imagine, is becoming aware of self and the blissful serenity of the womb? A peaceful and receptive state of being is the founding stone of individuality for most all children then, unless the mother of the child is subjected to extremes that can encourage otherwise?


Galaxies in a womb of gravity perfectly metering every motion to mathematical measure? Cure the addiction by transcending trauma? Calm your being by freeing from sadomasochistic drama; per copings pleasure a treat? Escapist defeat, all you feel expressed without mind for the matter? Still of the nature ingrained to the pitter-patter of backsliding's iniquity? Religion. Practice.
Love, your divinity and atlas, made wisdom's pricey whore rightly? Value even nightly is appreciation defended! Mended by Isis's web and serpentine worm venomous; whilst Michael balances the scale in Gabriel's name? Man and woman the same beneath the laws of appreciation guarded by sentient respect, less Luna we resurrect as highest lady of fame betrothed.
Right loathed by God is every lax act of we the countless masses! Justice surpasses every human click to friend fallen. Transmission of pollen fertile, the ease in the call to fly. Considering you my reason why, for our peace, the moon selfless I call ye to scry. Easy to effect with math correct. Stars to glory the sky, we die!

     Completely integrated as conscious foundation receptive and serene? Spiritual matrix of Karma, the parents expression in the becoming unaware of that reality? Yet not a self? A soul?

     Self is of the active, investigative reality, that indeed does become whilst in the womb? Receptivity inspires the nature to question as egotistical self is choice determining momentary action even as a silent conviction of judgement? The cause to effect? Will and direction of, at this stage, the pentagram not equated? This, the formation of "I" is subordinated to "receive" as karma writes the constitution of identity? The basis of choice, of will...

Sex! More than Self!

     Choices of the unaware, children, therefore glorify the most known womb after birth? Just becoming aware of individual identity as Karma manifest they have only the mysterious ingrained to operate from? Sinai protest the selfless of this reality as appreciative, laboring for right perception, investigating self and other, and striving to grow as the masters of old they reflect?

     Environment presents the myriad infinite the child struggles with and as in the making? Birth an awe inspiring trauma, for both mother and child, the receptive identity changes, evolves to the extreme of active egotistical for the appreciation empowered by the womb wanting to survive? Wanting to be maintained?

     Divine the testimony this state of evolution can not be confused with Freudian infantilism or the root of? Such is empowered by the spirit that did evoke the child's life for Freudian infantilism is considerate of neurotic unhealthy attributes? Parent may choose otherwise and realize that the social reality should still reflect the womb, nourishing the child's mathematical inclinations? Neurotic infantilism caused from trauma and neglect abandoning highest sentience to the illusory reality of "hopeless" as the active self still, here, is being established? Mathematician mind meters or soul remains a ghost, holy? Spirit animals of the Shaman not degraded but unestablished? Under-evolved in respect of "human" as highest sentience?

     Freudian infantilism is the acknowledgement of the Tower of tarot? The self the Buddha commanded transcended? Unhealthy reinforcement of detriment and/or deterioration? Self of pentagram honors the receptive selfless that is essential with perfect logical mediation of self to the end of preserving that very identity, the soul? Neurotic victims of traumatic neglect tend towards delusional, sadomasochistic, negative maintenance of the same? Thus sadomasochistic tendency being a common thread running through all mental illness? Thus sadomasochism the coping mechanism?

     Soul endures? Only the given? Endurance the only gift nature gives? Blasphemy against mathematical ability!? Imago Dei?

     Root of extremist philosophy, infantilism as described by Freud consolidates understanding of identity separated from the peaceful appreciation true nature established? Separated from the identity of soul, of the womb? Suffering and endurance the language of the Karma effecting? Beguiling liar? Confused and so confusing? Removed from glory? Yet established? Only as product of? Not creator? Master? All inclusive is the reality of equating variables and Buddhas selfless serves identity as souls well-being, "self" mastered as tool and servant of? Active vehicle of effect? We must subordinate defense less we establish monstrosity?

Mystery? Desirous Defense.

Mechanism of defense?
Rejection, anger, rage...
The social animal is on fire
With frailty's demand
For interdependence.
Fellow man or woman
To be a friend
As this empowers resilience.
Together is evolution's strength?
Therefore the enforcement
Of standard
That the insane,
The out of touch
Might manipulate...
Thus the fate
Of one to many
A holy identity;
Lost to the fanaticism
Of "By The Infinite"
To desperate determinations...
Virgin sacrifice
To enchant celebrations
Of rain?
Ignorance causing mindless
Our disdain
From which we must refrain
To grow.
Within was always the truth,
We can no longer play the
"Didn't know".
(Janet Jackson: I Get Lonely.)


Needed not
Is mutual understanding of
The dynamics
Here explored?
Metaphysical determinations
Encourage right adored
As sane religious discipline.
Brainwashing the "has been"
For infinite,
Our human manifestation,
Needing to be humbled
To it's own reality.
Duality the absence of simplicity?
Jungian shadows?
Never the gallows
For microcosm isolate
Defeated to liberate
By and for macrocosm,
The self...
I-Ching of mental health.

     Receptivity accepts? With little knowledge of its power it copes with the inhumane the mentioned identity often justifies un-rightly. Perverse philosophies encourage the tower of self founded, a keep and stronghold of the lost and confused whom simultaneously must act the individuated? The empowered as survival demands? With no concept of highest self? Ill for ill-begotten? Warfare inappropriate and self defeating? The soul pays the toll? Divorced? Yet effecting, mindful only of the "I"?

     Trauma estranges? Both, psycho-dynamic and physical, for the sentient identity being an integrated whole? Wounded animal are ferociously guarded for benefit of recovery and/or solace? Genuinely individuated persons appreciate, celebrate and acknowledge the whole and all glory belongs to entirety (I, we and world) all inclusively? Selfless established in a "greater more glorious than l" that injury prevents the wounded from seeing for the self is grafted into the whole? Who do we each, and collectively choose to be? Inherent democracy?

Effectual In Let Go.

Mathematical considerations pay homage to linear life thus established. Illogical moments falter the balance that is psychological wellness of the being. Dis Manibus? Eternity is but a moment so established, cheating every God of death from the glory demanded. Commanded the lapse in moments aware to frustrate perception to what end? Transcend, for there is not to do but let go; the founded whole of the temporal seeming an inter-dimensional insanity humiliating the vanity in egotistical know. Unto the cats of nine, bedlam the show in tell for every angel fell to feelings so sub-divine. The wind chyme rattles the way into the mainframe of mind. Calm serene. Still so many little joys. Amen.

Glorify Establishment Perfect?
Psycho-egotistical Establishment and Evolution?

Understanding is generally pivotal to the survival of persons and the species, unless of course understanding is at war with a current ill begotten construct of human mind and spirit. Should this ever be the adopted son reigns even transitionally as the end of the construct is the only endeavor. Angels? Who wants to know them? Amen.

     Conundrum? Genuine self appreciated and/for appreciative not recognized by self or other to the end of the destruction thereof? External world dominating perceptions to the end of making man but the effect of cause and not cause that effects? You shall die, change, transition away from true identity to eat the fruits of trauma and not overcome? Originally you were like unto Gods? With glory as glory is inherent, the foundation of identity integrated in the womb? Whatever was there to strive for if it was given? See confused insanity? See its effect?

Reality? Justice of our Choosing in Part?

     Psycho-egotistical exchange? The I the doorway between the macrocosm and the microcosm? Young children are left to the fates for not yet having empowered the mathematical will? Unhealthy victims of trauma will self defense and maintenance of escapist mentality illogically themselves but the product of evolution, the effect of macrocosmic cause, retarded? Healthy persons choose actively, scientifically, and become the cause that willfully effects according to their equating realistically? Masters of Karma with it and as it? The ego but a door guarded?

     Always subject to macrocosmic reality, the Ancient of Days or/and I-Ching they are equal to every other person? However for having acknowledged reality and ability they function more proactively for being capable of metaphysically governing even their own feelings in regards to? Psycho-egotistical phenomenon refers to choice, passive and active and the effect conscious determinations have on the establishment of total identity? To question the self? To reason how? Are matters minded by the healthiest minds, the former most definitely?

     A variable many Freudian psychologist (for wishing simplicity of the infinite) prefer to overlook, psycho-egotistical stimuli is the direct path to the "self" psychologist attempt to understand as even unhealthy persons actively will? Philosophies and ideas adhered to? The effect they have on being? How to mediate to greater levels of empowerment, of individuation, will all be subject to active egotism as the reflection of the human soul? There fore it is ego that must be empowered but as it truly is... Active decision making faculty existent only in a moment of active questioning and/or determining? All else is the soul of Karma a identity infinite and un-masterable by any external variable? Therefore we strive to make persons truer to their natures as capable, as able, via the establishment of realistic mindful awareness?

     Beliefs? Religious establishments defended for sentimental value despite the negative effects they have on persons and peoples? Political affiliation and empowerment though ones own nose is cut from the face? All empowered by psycho-egotistical active will? I fancy I honor the patriarch Moses in my references to Genesis? Nevertheless I am doubtless loathed by many for seeing his glory as a lover, a husband and leader? Conundrum of complexity...

The Holy Mother (every woman) should well be considered to be the embodiment of the spirit of Triquetra for as a child develops in the womb the child and the mother create as a single identity the entirety of all reality. Together as one and as separate individuals there is the element I, together as a community the element We, And as nourisher and sustainer being nourished and sustained by the natural world around her the mother for the child is the element World. Tied together much more intimately than any other relation possible the element of All is fully manifest in the pregnant woman. A respect for woman's power and even for the potential of a woman's ability to become this state of being must be cultivated for the well-being of all human life. Amen

Democracy - The naturally inherent aspect of the social animal that serves as a bridge between being and mind, being and other, world (manifest) and spirit (has been and becoming) war and peace. It is spiritual and holy and can not be denied under any circumstance as Democratic mastery is the highest call of man for it being the basis of all communication, thus Democracy the religion as celebrated by the ancient Greeks. Of course philosophy is closely related as the bi-product of democratic ambition for philosophy is the language of the questioning man expressing his ability to understand and the development of such as individual understanding can grow to be. Amen.

I had a self, a bit of the sacred to express. Damned to be suppressed by wars dogma. The night was long. Misery and confusion so deep. I jumped and fell to your shame. A message? The blame? Chaos. My sex, my self. My health! Not yours Moses. Leave me be, I live life meditating soundly and yet I love thee. More provocative than the escape from selves reality. Confrontation of? Resolution to rise above? Limited? Politics proclaim what name!? Dynamics! Chaos. Amen.

Five O'clock Shadow?
Choice Effected?

     Original sin? Insanity inspired by the defensive capacity inherent in all humans? Perhaps justified by retarded "fellows" paying no homage to truth and subjecting another to their own insanity? Perhaps the religious practice of the traumatized soul ignorant of ability to overcome, that soul a child defeated to retarded? Not honoring the true identity for benefit of acquiring illusion, delusion, facade? Indeed... Amen.

Five Oclock Shadow?

When skin deep beauty is the essence of fame
We should refrain to name the unborn as shame
For the crime is
Our own having nothing but decay to share?
Fairest of the fair?
Prejudice and warfare?
Identity is not ego but effect!
Still they elect
The mindless of attack to escape?
Passive aggressive martyrs choosing the noose
For the hell-rake whom defames,
Only every sacred self?
Failing the health
This all
Our consumers society
When consideration of humanity
Is the propriety inside of we
So as
Each and every one.
What war was ever won
When the standing stare trough heal?
Masters master zeal.
Appropriation of defense!

     Appreciation, love, both empowered by peace are health and must exist in order for the human being to value its self and others? Unhealthy persons must rely of physical pleasure, so fleeting, to acknowledge any value in life? Sadomasochism? Limitation and delusion as the disposition is one of coping, retarded and reinforced by imagined pleasure as coping is indicative of hardship? Indulging in the negative as if though such were deified? Beguiling?

     Psycho-biology refers to the physical beings identity, as individual as the soul, and how it responds as identity to stimuli and how the responses effect ego as active mind? Like the conscious, soulful identity it appreciates the original state of being and strives to empower such as it knew whilst forming in the womb? Yet has limited remedy to any hardship which upsets? Chemical influence? Astoundingly complex but evolutionarily of the earth alone? Where as metaphysical choice masters both inside and out through the meek of influence? Religion, practice, exercise?

     Bio-chemical stimuli is the language of the identity biology? The subject of environment it is, without conscious meditation and mediation, the effect of cause though sentient? Conscious identities refers to this language as emotional impulse and, indeed, consider it rightly a language that must be learned for benefit of the entirety, microcosm as well as macrocosm? Democracy? Identities self, the most founded understanding of this reality we live in?

     Psycho-emotional, the title, refers to ones metaphysical and/or mathematical understanding of this language? How persons exercise authority over this voice and the value of such a practice, if even it exist? The simplistic tongue of Malkuth its dynamics are limited to defensive reject and appreciated pleasure made extraordinarily complex per sentient hierarchies effect upon? Know the self? The language of biology, with out active will, is purely situational determinism. Amen?

The child is the only totem emanating from the entirety to be an interactive portent of brilliance and is so brilliant its self; though the brilliance may be degraded by slight in perceptions endearing. For so long a great mystery neglected due to the childs own preoccupation with manifest self affiliated with manifestation the macrocosm, becoming ignorant of self in other, Freud; perfect innocence is existent in awe as (/) in nature regardless of the awe being, over time, conditioned by realities way or workings. Nature is still a mystery. Moment by moment through cause and effect are the basis of the relationship the child shares with creation, glorifying awe is the basis of infantilism extending past personal need, "and God has struck us down and why, see need is no longer fulfilled, woe for woe!" and here "love our God anyway for all of his ways are good!" recites that awe heals even the wounds. Appreciation is inherent and lives through even misery as appreciation is the basis of all relational bonds, toxic or healthy. Wondering Eve! And yet better! Who is your child?! Amen.

Passion Humanity? Cleansing, These passions of love. Jacobs ladder of Inside and out... Silence mutes the shout Of defensive warfare? Take care Of mutual understanding! Key Commonality. Amen.

Chaos Complexity...

     Chaos complexity? Our I-Ching, our "Ancient of Days"? As our minds with such perceives regardless of its unchanging identity as ever peaceful for constant? We the "seemingly" finite to, yet with and as (?), this infinite? Erratic fluctuation? Illusion of sages? Love of prophets? Poetry of ages? Penetration is exploration? Amen!

     Psycho-environmental dimensions are simultaneously the best and worst place to begin our exploration? Best because our very tempered environment most often times acts a womb for the self and individual? The worst place to begin for that exact reason?

     Psycho-sociological reality, for being so much more volatile than the environment, is the spirit of Chaos as understood by man? Every identity the promised heaven incarnate displaced from the perfection of our "Ancient of Days" per evolutionary development? Also but a language algebraic?

     It is here that we encounter the most fluctuation and change, thus religion the ground or element Earth? Alas manipulation for lack of awareness, for refusing to fathom entirety, to take time out to dream of God, religion can become a soulless shell void of intention? The book of life is not if it refers not to your life but death? Therefore religion is best prescribed Socratically as to question opens doors to our all encompassing Holy Spirit reality?

     Psycho-sociological refers to the effect others have on the individually and why, self and identity? Attempting to determine the greatest path to most efficient states of being for both is psychological endeavor? Such can not be accomplished for the social animal without mathematical, metaphysical exploration? Thus the grandeur of Hegel, Freud,  and Jung? Thus the infinite dynamics of the Chaos Complexity? Determinism can not be tyrannical? The God card ever at play? For benefit? So much power, per the mathematical, is given? How best to share is what must be determined every moment? With Reality, other, and self? Amen?

     Psycho-environmental refers to the world that nourishes and gently acclimatizes? How this immediate reality effect identity, if even noticed? So much as how it effected sociocultural development (which in turn effects the individual) and whether those developments are mathematically astute? Every seed bearing plant give except the fruits of trauma? Every seed bearing plant given for use, but how? Paradise, like a mother, labors?

     Psycho-spiritual is time for holy remembrance and the effect such has and why? Contemplation upon the entirety and whether such effect us appropriately sanely. Psycho-spiritual is this considerate thesis? This conversation? AMEN?

Every life is Chaos as Chaos is every deity freely. Self is but a moment that transitions by the next, as the self glorifying stance is wars hex on all of the world of self. All that matters is movement, grace and health. Sometimes by a self defeated. All falsehood has retreated for Chaos is not a truth to be tamed; only explored. Adored. Amen.

(Christina Aguilera: Not Myself Tonight)

Peace Dynamics: a Rant Against Mindless Below Machine.

     "My peace I leave with you." can be translated "my God I leave with you" as we do prove daily that not love nor life nor any of the other blessings we revere dominate peace; as surely as we are more than willing to destroy life, love and all else (due to vain imaginations) only to glorify peace in spite of ourselves. We kill peace still is, we die peace still is, every movement we make judges us and the entirety of the life and love we proclaim as highest, and still peace is perfect beyond us. We live in peace and it is, we destroy the planet and peace shall be. With or without us God is perfect and gives us the right to Glorify It that is beyond even name or word however we like; not being mindful of the fact that the moment is at peace we can forget that God is right there watching us, allowing us to determine our worth and value to It based on how we value and revere It.   

     In the beginning peace, now peace, and what will be shall be peace, all else is a vain imagination of ours, or a blessing given by God to benefit us. Our fathers have already proclaimed our worth and in doing so have judged themselves; please look at our history and think Nuke. Love meant not, life meant not, the voices of the people meant nothing and could be ended without being heard. Still peace will be as perfect as the moon. Grandure of a silent never praised glory free of our vanity (personality disorder?), or a glory we acknowledge and meet still existing on the earth, not being extinct. Our justice is our choice. Think did I love God or not?.. Did I love God or me, man?... Of course mankind should be loved but it is peace that gives your life stability or lets you prove that your love and truth was not but rape. How do you think its going to go based on what is? How would you like it to go? Can we honor our fathers? Should we honor them above God? Can we honor God? I am at peace I don't need to ask myself these questions. The choice is made and the I that I am did not matter though I make up my mind in writing this.   

     Look! I'm John Lennon! Wheres my bullet love? Wheres my bullet life? I know your imaginations your history speaks for you. Tell me is there time for change? I have been degraded by you love, and by you life, so many times I don't care to do it once more so truly that in the end I hope it will be as though you have never been; for I want to rest in peace. You are consumed by wisdom, the grief and misery of the world, you know nothing of your own voice, you are insane. Peace is the God you never gave me and I know couldn't because you for some reason did not know It was there, watching. Your meditations (Buddhism? Prayer?)? Death the servant of the humble selfless is proof that you mean nothing at all, life and love could not save you when peace always proclaimed "you are worth me so love you knowing you must labor for me for only your benefit, longevity. Heal, recover, you can trust the still around you, you do not always have to be afraid, hurting, longing, wanting, or angry; I am free and easy to embrace I am true." Amen.   

     I don't think we work very hard as the degraded tend to be degrading and are in a sense justice, notice I can praise peace but few of us, God did not judge me! You did and I will be your judgment. Love to me is a slave made a whore and life is her self righteous rapist who hates her; that is if I forget me and think of who to many of you are to me. I will never be you "Grief or Misery" and care not for you at all as you have perfectly destroyed the love that lifts life up and the life that praises love (Drug Dealers, rapist, Politicians making mindless, pointless and degrading laws, rebels without causes, medical professionals who have degraded the practice by stating as fact theory and limiting true development for benefit of a "safe" dogma or those glory junkies who see a bright future but "the only life I care about is my own" is a statement that applies ect...). I am at peace, you have what your worth, a life of begging for peace you care nothing for, grief and misery, because your lost in the pain encouraged insanity of your loud voice. The peace the life and love that I was never could save you in spite of ability because you never cared for you or me for the most part. All of life is typically about  the "my glory alone" complex and this is the master of most of the human race. I don't care to get political, justice is OUR choice, if you have degraded you are degraded as life and love, you have judged yourself, and know you not at all because you are peace and are exalted by you even when you are blind to yourself in you and all of the world around you. Even when you are not at peace you praise peace by needing it. Amen. 

     This piece was a much more complex thought than posted, an aspect of it not express is love and life are not degraded divinely but only in the worldly sense.



     Freewill, choice, is the path to Mary thine Grace? Acknowledging sentience, our enchantments of St. Michael, is the temperament that leads us away from this place? Our current face a race to embrace who? As aspect of divine? Thine self thine shame and bane for we consider not the need, right, nor power of the mind?

     Human by the all manifest true defined? Glory we our existing for only the future sublime. Soul mind discovered? Uncovered? Universal citizens? We the cosmos timed?

     Begotten of perfection? Sacred the song of every woman? Yet every one is suspect unto heretic denied the life of resurrect eternal intwined? Therefore the son does elect, Father, as folly so vain! Idiocy! His mindless name! Our pain!? This fame I dared to rhyme?

     My brother? We are our mother. Her right her will divined. Amen.

     According to the determinations of will and choice (?), both being matters of evolving practice, we each into communally are blessed and/or cursed? Triquetra?  The I, We and World well versed? What do and should we inspire to be if not equality and shared mastery so heavenly? Married with children? Today becoming tomorrow? Karma our eternal life? All we each shall be? Justly?

     Merit is no individuals alone, thus organized religion to be tempered democratically deeper than the politics of we into I. Personal responsibility as freedom is only as free as the peace we encourage into trinity? All encompassing our shared reality beyond every word or name disconnected? Disassociated? Unlike thee not perfected? Life and life from glory separated unto insane? From self glory refrain for your glory untamed yet ever Chaos transcendent? Resplendent the macrocosm ye. Shared? Community? Amen.


Created by Western Twilight