Fluctuations of Change? I-Ching.

"Gabriel of Heavens Sacrifice". Oil pastels and acrylics on grade paper.
Silk in Iron Spun.

Wisdom's very lesson. Infinite is this reality that encourages the identity Michael, karma, to be. What tact do ye exercise for we and why. Can you scry to fly your reason to the sky? Demi-GOD or the broken corpse of Adam; man? To transcend look to the forsaken Eve, as Isis is our devout friend? Web of Osiris? Love, the throne! Wisdom the serpent Set, that to Christ carries thee, we, home? Majik thine crone... Amen.


    Quantum dynamics apply to every immediate self? So many different realities your will effects with the empowerment of just one thought? Mindless is product of the environment and denial of the blessing that is humanity? Choice is the determination of empowerings value... And why? If not humble the most humiliating of realities that, for the humble, is an awe-inspiring, ever encouraging gift, promise, and reward? This is the first reality of our choosing. The sacred self or Son of the Holy Trinity. The immediate incarnation of such ability and divine capacity.

     Heaven, hell and the eternity of the immediate reality, the apparent is not the only value of our empowering? Embracing this idea, no matter the poor light history has cast such concepts as heaven and hell in (as it indeed is complimented by such) is a great first step towards humble intellectualism as the cornerstone of propriety. Humble, it must be noted, is not weak but mild for being conscientious and considerate; proper empowerment is a concept key to this concept, not defeat.

     Reality demands determinations the value of which is the spirit, disposition or reasoning of the individual whom determines realities value momentarily? Humans must act and do so according to any given persons individual philosophy. Humble humility? Excalibur! Realities tongue a double edged sword beneficial to friends and without rival?


Polymer thine infinite in Father, Son, and Spirit so holy. Venus! Our time into eternity written totally, moment into moment through. Meditate the ever now is the path most promising to pursue as Demi-God is the mediate fate did imbue. Cruel to consider it is only you who carries the weight. Divine did not hesitate to negate the neurosis that does frustrate via the synaesthetic of never alone. Sacred fool traversing the crone to mastery. Less than your ability is catastrophe becoming the tapestry the depicts to adorn all of our lives. Wives of the highest sublime subliminating behaviorally just such a mind alchemically refined. Time beyond time. Amen. 
"Psyche." (Metric Haiku) Day lost to night of disillusionment; The future defended still must grow to know shared experience mindless of other? Athenian eyes gaze past the surface.

     Reflection of the infinite to the extreme of no other identity existing is the reality of every human? Arduous indeed, then, is the task of utilizing the capacity to be aware and shape reality, as mastery of a limitless self is first required? Furthermore this identity in question is never truly isolated no matter how much such a convenience would benefit scientific scrutiny? Ever inspired by the before I (Father), and the from I or the becoming (Holy Spirit), what was infinite becomes quantum or infinite manifold? Blessed awe of artistry most romantic! Blessed trauma of tumultuous inspiring frantic! All the charge and opportunity of our identity "choice".


Cosmic fluctuation empowering trans-mediation when the will is right to be. Meditation the endless dynamics of the quantum sea into liberty. All of being is thee, thus to covet is illogical distraught; a self that never need implore of other than insanity, is the essence of thine lot insane to deplore. Detest only the hex that is the bloodless door of life debased to never embrace respectful, appreciative, amore humanely. Such is a tragedy suffered vainly three score... Exodus does shed a serpents skin into humanity respected the more as all adore is thine self embraced. Tormented God turns his face? Disgrace to apocalyptic four. Only your friends can save you? Never ever more? Democratic core. Continuum eternity. Amen.

       Highest sentience is status uncanny when you consider every person to be the determination, so much as the determiner, of this interconnected tapestries value, every portent and part? Wisdom is not to be found in "foolhardy arrogance", the doorway often times to the even more destitute "traumatized unto insane"? Fear of God is wise conscientious attempting so mild, as not to unrightly disturb? Questing for benefit of (?)... Socratic entirety from beginning to end is a life honorably born. Amen.

     Persons would be foolish to deny the greatest power man possess is choice, and the greatest attribute thereof is questioning which, in turn, inspires determinations original to even higher? Science is the mind of man made nothing without conscious will attempting, through fathoming, to understand. An inconsiderate determination is its own curse awaiting realization of its own humility? Questioning is the doorway to consideration.


Promontory. Self in a sea of situation, call for psycho-spiritual mediation, time into time? Meditation! Psycho-emotional legislation demanded momentarily. Now? How? Maintaining health whilst empowering the greatest good? Communal happiness? All that one should and could promote. Democratic vote so much more than it seems? The plans in our dreams and all such means for humanity. Math to sanity! Variable the infinite always present! Writing eternity we strive for the pleasant. Every fraction. Amen. 

Cultivation. (Metric Haiku) Medicine of metaphysical mind, Refined to transcendence overcoming all worldly fight for the traumatized child. Flowers bloom natures structuralism.

     Unto better or worse this given reality beyond our power does influence; which way however is our choice if we will it to be? Such in its own right is a choice yet as the influenced perhaps not one mindfully regarded? Consideration of the given as it is, is as much any individuals endeavor as it is the historians, especially for the traumatized and neglected being less scientifically involved?  In this question the true, healthy spirit of social man can be recognized as Bodhisattva?

     Historically we have empowered the understanding of human for having determined the value thereof to be most holy, and have transmitted this understanding for benefit of every human? To choose for the worst is to fail yourself as to allow, or encourage, another to such folly is to fail yourself; each human being the equal of every other. Empowerment of humanity is the empowerment of every human through appreciation of human ability and the fragility of the human being. Therefore we cultivate what is mathematically determined "most right" moment into moment through as the given reality, the Holy Father empowered as the Son becoming Spirit; healing those whom have struggled against tumultuous so as to empower highest sentience for the Glory it both is and represents? An inexplicable phenomenon explaining its self, so much as our questioning has allowed, to its self?


Movement meters mastery to the expectation of appreciation. Time ruling out the initial thought. She loves me? Nay terror proclaims not. Why so distraught? Caught in the tear inspiring tirade of inhumane incivility? Chivalry dead to years that dread every achieved equal right. Narcissus in full bloom; that son you loved lost to the gloom of certain, obvious, superior traits? Never the sentient mind that waits to be seen? Thinking only of your corruption in dream, the mean, making destitute, spiritually, reality? Fathoming never that dreams are kin of plans... Therefore he reprimands for fictition, his addiction betrayal's pains, confliction, that have become his every reason why. Brainwashed beyond Hitlerian, begging of truth to die... "din't she love me?"... Mothers lullaby begotten of the grandest heart. Yet the words are the words? Nonliving when set apart? Neurotic disposition? Pathological has to start. Genesis. Metaphysical ineptitude? Gazing at you I am... Woman... Man... Amen.

Socratic Catholicism?

Methodical doubt...
Humbled by questing our infinite;
Never despotically determined
To tyrannical "right".
The might of limited,
Dominating Eternals truth...
Ruth in the root
Of all men?
Despite social mastery?
Our Malkuth
To laws of longstanding reality,
Beyond any one,
Or number,
Of me...
Simplify humanity?
Chaos complexity profound?
Mountains out of the mound,
The sound,
Of Johns plattered head?
Forever spoken verses
Of war?
"Them! Them! Better dead!"
Mine judgment upon mine first!
Never to thirst?
Come the worst!
Amen Elohim, Amen.

Michael. (Metric Haiku) You found ways to define eternity, Only for the self, the player, who chose its life essentially per its effect. Monuments memory everlasting.

     Choice evolves into the manifestation the chooser has willed to be, based upon that identities acknowledgement and mediation of self with/and reality? Forever that persons individual identity for us all, as that person, per the all encompassing Holy Spirit? Beyond all time as the infinite, as eternity, has defined?

     Refined to the concept of God as beneficent is even the torment of hell, as those with eyes and ears learn  that identities lesson well? This the spell in every action divined we mind ourselves interaction with God and so transcend into God mind? Ever seeking to find... Mystery of the question? Amen.

     From where, and to where the wind? Our global sphere?  The tormented, the traumatized perpetually defend whilst lovers dare endear? Actions of self, the medium reality expresses entirety through blessed with a conscious mind as life is conscious of all of you whom choose to be blessed or not. Existence a shared experience?  My fellows so distraught?  I choose to will us a greater lot. Amen.


     Glory! Our Celtic Knot of dynamic identity! Only through contemplating this manifestation to some degree of entirety will a man ever be free as such is the only means of empowering the genuine human capacity of choice. Humans must meditate upon an array of forces, all of which are themselves, before they can genuinely empower individuated identity commonly referred to as human? Conundrum of social perceptions?  These forces or factors are...







all of which influence the capacity to choose so much as our choices themselves for dynamically effecting the integrated whole that is the conscious mind of sentience that ego is the governor of.

     Once an understanding of this has been established persons may more mathematically influence reality at large (composed of the self, society and the natural world) more intimately and with greater confidence. Having solidified a higher understanding of self and why they value reality as they do, and even being capable of going so far as to determine the propriety of their own value and/or philosophical systems, they will have a more adamant surety of their influence and why it must be. Simple is the nature, complex the reality; a statement deified by the ever moving winds of change?

Mental Evolutions?

Karma is psycho-dynamic synaesthetic evolution while still it retains the totality of its essential, not primitive, constitution. Inter-related cause that has all encompassing effect. Three days and nights in hell despite the capacity to resurrect? Tibet's glory in the book of the dead. Transitory story as effect is inevitably made selfless past the self aware we often dread. Fight or flight? Traumatic injury claiming the head? Thus it is said, beyond forgiveness with respite, just let it go. Enjoy realities embrace to the fullest, ebb and ever cease-less flow. Only the character of our infinite does know. So... Influencing this identity beyond all of we will be our fate in show. To who? You. Amen Elohim. Amen.

Shaman. Firmament's cycle, Mellowing fragrance to please. Karma is reborn.

     Every human person is a conduit of Karma or deity of, empowered by determinations, ruled by choice and free to govern self as ability both inspires and allows? Deity of Karma, ones own so much as others because of the undeniable fact that is interconnected reality? Nothing new exist under the Sun except perhaps our ever evolving idealizations and understanding of humans and human ability? Encouraging right disposition, then, is paramount to the sparing yourself and fellow the folly of poor choices being made that permanently effect the entirety as our shared wealth collectively. Should a saint fail a sinner, no saint ever was? Victory of the saint? Every sinners glory. All of which is the empowerment of choice.

     Here also is establishment of the ultimate reality of equality amongst all humans. Sentient identity effected by... and the capacity to reason choice as effect? The establishment of equality was mentioned by Christ when speaking of heaven? All that distinguishes us is disposition and chosen effect as beneficent or detrimental? Yet the choice is there for every human. Each identity is a self finite though infinite is highest truth of every identity?

Deity as Magician.

Justified by glory
Are the glorious dynamics,
Every chamber of the heart,
Of infinite lady...
Will thine power.
All manifest
The brilliant,
The radiant
Of thine blossom
In bloom?
Breathing mind
Making creation?
Beyond all trauma
That does consume?
Even a valuable voice
As all is Democratic choice
Therefore his own
Mindful flowering
Into deity.
Still beyond we
The sea of the cosmos
Shall be...
Writing the face of God?
The book of eternity.
Amen Elohim, Amen.
Forever be...
(Toni Braxton: Please.)

     Choice indeed is the deity you are so much as the deity you choose to be? Dynamic to unfathomable, the reflection of the cosmic sea? Imago Dei made absolute as trinity that empowers we like a holy will speaks manifestation into reality? Forever set free! Your voice?! Amen.

Mary's Lily.


     Disposition as the power behind will effects choice so much as choices effect disposition, ones own and others? Traumatic injury encourages the defeat of conscious capacity, we have discovered, if not immediately then over time for defeating the ability to appreciate? Appreciation in turn neutralizes the effect of traumatic injury and restores the capacity for mindful awareness or scientific scrutiny? What then should we endeavor to inspire psycho-spiritually and how?

     Spare the rod spoil the child indeed, yet the golden rod of forgiveness is encouraging criticism of a more realistic, saner supremacy?  Torment and torture for hell unleashed as torment and torture is the hell of insanity? Ten Commandments always labor for we as five rightly...


Respect/right perception

Introspection/passive meditation

Planning/active meditation

Remembering growth

what then should we inspire democratically? What to cultivate individually and socially?

     Every situation is an opportunity to perfect the cosmic mastery you reflect consciously? Holy this Trinity that does inspire we whom seek the lost sheep? Sow in reap the bountiful heap of wealth we are given as free? Abomination encourages like? What does will evoke to be? Merciful meditation? Surrender? To humane love or travesty? Thine will will be... your fate. Amen.


Them the Judas

Selling them,


For all

Of the colors

Of the pounded-out

Cotton pickers;

"showin some love",

Murdering the martyr


Before there very eyes...

Mindless of every voice

That testifies

The skies

Against them...

Self-righteous "faggots"

And "insane" serial killers

Granted by far

A better chance...

Right before their eyes?

Therefore the soul does dance

To dead!

Their lead?

A suicidal bullet in the head

Promoting the "players"

Condemned eternity...

I saw rotting on the streets,

Their victims,

And command

That Lazarus

Should drink their torment


And may it be!

"But a drop!"

That Cop

So kind

They'll find!

"But a drop!"


Amen Elohim, Amen.



(Cher: Believe.)

Crystal Methodology?

Crystal methodology "SCREAMING";

"HUMAN ME!" ...

Appreciative of human beauty

Ignorantly thought condemned

Though only mediated

To most beneficial humanity

Via psychological propriety,

Guarding mentality

From likeness

Unto beast.


We all despise the degradation

Of Demi-God

Only to fall prey

To the degrading judgement

In "despise".

Here I open mine eyes

To the discourse of Christ...

Love is never wrong...

Though perceptions

May lack respect into perverse?

The path of wisdom,


The tour of the hearse

In sacred verse...

Know thine self!

Crystal methodology...

Desperate for despised

Trauma empowered psychology

Screaming for human aide

Like rape!

The landscape sown

And grown

For the future to reap!

So I weep...

I weep.



(Melissa Etheridge: Silent Legacy)

     Do you know that persons feed others particularly traumatizing substances they promote as aphrodisiacs in an attempt to convince others of homoerotic tendency for benefit of self righteous justification. An attempt to convince one of their nature as a sexual identity instead of a sentient identity? Really what is happening is Psycho-Dynamic and physiological traumas inspiring sentient social beings to evoke sympathetic aide from fellows via symbolic language often misunderstood. The drunken harlot is not releasing the repressed desire to be a harlot but is a traumatized being begging for medical aide as best as conscious awareness permits. Traumatized to erratic unreasonable?

     Such behavior defeats all of humanity by inspiring like abomination, like insanity, socially? Some place we all understand and empathize with one and other unless Shatanic mentality, so self righteous, has absolutely defeated humanity and human sensitivity? So ironic that such is the ability of traumatic injury for humans? Spiral downwards? Spirit of choice is the spirit it empowers, traumatized mentalities are often unaware or scientifically uninvolved?

Religious Wounding?

Individuation refused for socialization,

Equivalency of psycho-dynamic mental retardation?

Eternal life is fact per effect,

Yet the masses elect to trade fulfillment of belief,

For belief,

For control,

Ever frustrated?

The toll does grow

As insane illogical

Claims the mind.

Eden a tale of romance,

You'll find

With little work.

The spirit body in karma

More than a religious perk

But true condition?

Every law I do mention

And protest satisfied.


Psychosis is fame.


     Masochism is the ultimate supremest insanity/sentiment. "How could you do this to me?" It boast addictively, unfortunately, and becomes a way of life for the self deceived "Christ was a masochist!" No. "Father if it is possible let this cup pass from me to another. But if it is your will let it be done." He valued himself and the quality of his life and only the will of God above him could inspire him to negate his appreciation of the life he was given. He would not suffer degradation pointlessly. Just wanted to clear that up.


(Tori Amos: Hey Jupiter)

Reflection Pool.
Blessed are the Peace Keepers?

     Peace, the highest being that fosters love, appreciation, meditation... the empowerment of healthy temperament, all the encouragements of the scientifically involved? Finding the "still" of a moment to accept reality and determine (cause) the best effect one should have to support? Freedom from traumatic stimuli? Path of those whom moderate, mediate, spiritual forces for benefit thereof? Psychology? Truth of the sentient identity simplified for benefit of every human?

     Blessed perhaps to those whom are served by such identities, but for that individual know the task is arduous per the multitudinous myriad forces that constantly effect. Serpents whispering effect into Medusa's' ear? Yet, for humankind a task that must be adopted less the flesh hungry boars lead all to demise? Injury leads to carnal depraved? Democracy? Assessment of variables that effect, the individual potency of each, and determining how to best empower each according to ones understanding of reality (limited?) and what is best for that "all" identity? Thus Athena our warrior?

Identity Sexual?

Children considering this infinity, overwhelmed and so unorganized; psycho-emotional disarray. Say to the day "in time I will learn to partake of peace; organizing my house I must abandon the play of expression mindless, putting everything in place". Philosophy of pentagrams face ending the hyper race fueled by angry confused. Indeed abused is before the time of exact and honest awareness, as nature does define. Curse then every societal demand that does so mime and teaches not of loves dove spiritual, transcendent. Individuation resplendent for fathoming effect beyond the select of monkeys "fittest". Cosmic does list us, after all, as highest; why should we deny us mathematical mentality sound? Sub-human is the erratic commanding self righteous profound for lost to its crimes... Narcissus their savior of silver lining? Lady so passive aggressive mistaking peace as the weaker upon which she can avenge her incessant whining. Such is a life of loveless war timing a vicious cycle to, per retardation, forever be. A-sexual is nature and love majesty, while orientation is the subversive onslaught of perversions sadomasochistic coping mechanisms enduring inhumane. Refrain from disorder's claim over life and delight only in highest appreciation. Baste a vigilant guard of celebration? Children? Amen.
(Michael Jackson: Scream.)

In Democracy Our Love.

Traumatized psychosis, Edenic fall. The true nature is mild and intelligent, the throngs of inquisitive lull? Temperamental to defend, the meekest of life, the thrall, neurotic fixation? Such as our nature, for this, demands contemplation as negation is never a geniuses lot. Brilliance our self defense, mentality protecting from all that will not honor such grandeur and fame. Mental illness inspired perversion? We must defend from defense the same! Appropriation to right tame, sane, that permits true nature to be! Mathematical articulation? All that is of man for all that the mental organ does see. Fathom thee thine infinity made perfect per defined portentiality. Myriad finite. May it be. Amen.

Substance Diffuser.

Traumatic injury, per intoxicant, per the use of mind and mood altering substances is well known, as is shown in the title "toxic", and in the effect such substances have on our human-being. Community is, like the self in effectual empowerment, forever, never fleeting? May the perverse perceptions, extremist philosophy full of lies to half truths, go fleeing, go retreating. With trauma comes anxiety and depression, exhaustion through fight or flight, and so, desperate aggression. Grief is the self defense mechanisms natural selection demanding conscious appropriation divine. Know for thine self thine enemy, or be beguiled, and vent to destroy relationships so refined? When the communal law does love you? You'll see Cronus so well timed. What you empower is forever? Peace is God of disposition, the foundation of mentalities womb, when affliction is a crime? Democracy. What message is by "you" subliminated? Hated is that misery mimed. Beauty entwined. Amen.

     Equality and commonality, the sentient identity of another so as the self despite illusions of distinguished,  of separate? The blissful "letting go" that is inspired by such concepts as equality and commonality? How the inspire and enable scientific ability? Human deity never alone as forces distinguished are factors consolidating "a" whole? True beauty of dynamic complexity praised and regarded what can we deny rather than accept and work with? All is ours and every others. Amen.

Gnostic Simplicity?

     Wisdom reaches to heaven in a multitude of languages. Heaven reaches down to serve all despite the language they use. Christ understood and corrected the person to his left and right. He crossed his hands and blessed his sons while nailed to the cross, honoring his human history. Both are immortalized with Christ though the left did succumb to his suffering whilst the right still struggled to overcome. He helped them both with correction heavenly and proved his origin as only begotten. The original identity love that, being transcendent compliments peace and is empowered by it?

     Christ did turn tables so like the left lashing out, and begged God for mercy in the garden so like the right? Psycho-emotional dynamics are well illustrated so that we can see when our fellow is going to fall. The left but screamed out in grief per misery and Christ corrected him, "Father why hast thou forsaken me?" In reality he (Gods left) was accepting defeat per the inhumanity his fellows subjected him to whilst the right inhumanely condemned the left further inspiring Christ to further correct; "forgive them father for they know not what they do". The world is a viper lashing out seeking the indwelling God peace and the only begotten love? Amen.

Harmony balanced, Elemental perfection. Mountainous glory.
Glory. (Metric Haiku) Cross thine hands to bless thine sons so the same, Delivered to human glory is an understanding of life equal, not vain. Luna dancing a tirade oceans vast.
Harmony balanced, Elemental perfection. Mountainous glory.
Created by Western Twilight