Complexity? An Inconvenient Truth?

Yggdrasil: Build thine house on the solid ground of infinite ever changing... Growing. Flowing. Into being. ever new. Amen.

Universal Reality.

Universalism; the quantum theorem of dimensional self effectually? All that is, already is sanctified as trinity. Cult is cultivated enforcement of even limitation therein. Here we all begin until we transcend into healthy individuation, song of a nation, stifled by fascist inclination seeking infantile safeties that realistically should never be? Creation is a grand prism! What grader sight to see than Heaven, Earth, and we whom are of mastery defined? An eternity easy spent swimming the souls sea of mind. Situation now as the infinite expanse. Right meditated mediation of will, is liberation living free to enhance. The shared experience? Amen.

Seeking she did find, Wanting to learn and to grow. Perfection evolves.

     Dynamic complexity is the magic in the awe inspired poets entertaining, soothing, tongue; so much as it is often the overwhelming trauma from which all neurotic illness does come? What then should our judgement of this reality be? A questing most essential when we realize evolution is often the judge that is inspired by we individually, and then communally?

     Healthy is in acceptance that lets self value go (a balance?)? Whilst understanding love is a persons laboring to refine the flow of transition away from unhealthy and ill-begotten disposition? To ironclad know? Religion? An evolution that rights divine condition? To reap? To sow?

Wondering Eve...

Seeing through misconception, the origin of deception, is the current activity of my selection. Eve seeking to find wanting to know, what is it to be as a God? Beguiling? To Die? In questioning we grow. I know. I know. The masses claim it is not so but I must ask what is it that any man does actually know besides inspiration, the reason for every cultural development from art to legislation. So moved to awe we even philosophy peace, love, toleration and proprieties appropriation; why allow our conscious ability to suffer any negation? Just singing the songs that are inspired by the growth and growing of a free and liberated nation blessed by God. Peacefully I applaud.


     Indeed you were born this way. Innocent, docile, loving, inquisitive and sincere. All else is a violation of your true nature. Be gaurded by "Definite Reality and Commonality" knowing that sentience is humanities only truth. Programs are obstructions that destroy the human heart, the basis of sentience. America the Maji mediates between conservative and liberal to request of God to know the way. Foolish! For always every person can look into their own hearts and see "this is who I am and we are, people". The body is the steeple and conduit of Holy Spirit. "I am learning". Amen.
(Lady Gaga: Born this Way)

     Determination of value is the essential nature of all our determinations? Per the infinite myriad, however, the value of any given aspect of reality is mysterious ad infintium and limited only by the finite immediacy that is the complimentary bound moment? Herein simplification of entirety is present so much as the humbling or humiliating stimuli that exist for the sentient identity; if not immediately then, potentially, later? Simplification, nevertheless, is necessary per the immediate chronologically evolving, and humanities need to properly govern direction so much as any person democratically may? Therefore the "Tree of Life" as presented by the practitioners of the esoteric and mystery teachings for so long condemned?

     Self like reality can easily be deemed a trinity composed of destructive, creative, and  harmonizing aspects; wisdom, love (understanding), and temperament. This is the simplest way I know of to consciously (actively) relate with the passive, inactive self. Suffering has inspired me to overcome for benefit/because of appreciating life; through understanding I have done so and acquired wisdom for being aware that suffering will still be as only a battle has been won and reality still is. Having failed I have become suffering for others whom I easily (human) relate with and therefore (to some extent) understand (and so sympathize with) inspiring me to a higher level of temperament; always rivaled by traumatic injury, psycho-dynamic or physical? Natural deterioration (destructive) encourages acceptance (temperament) acquired through and empowered by understanding per deterioration being biologically inevitable and state of being individually being all that empowers the appreciation of the life I yet have moments of to live and want to appreciate? All of this evolution is of dynamic reality mapped metaphysically and based upon value? When determinations might stifle should I elect immediacy or prolonged ability? Unaware is the field labor sows?

Holy Spirit. (Metric Haiku) Reconciliation of all our faiths? Embrace the inclination of sane orientation towards freedom from trauma. Evolution inspires the fittest.

Macrocosm Thee.

Isolated microcosm, metal illness divined? Not in tune with entirety, the self to know sublime beyond all turmoil. Strength in the soil that fortifies the bones, the wolf that crones so lone to introspective mastery of community; diligently searching out the self? I into we? Organization the wealth of mathematical mind refined precise. Introspective order per factual awareness of phenomena existent as the emotions that entice to becoming. Never running from reality, the matrix of Karma's duality in cause and effect. I call upon my God to proclaim that even in memory we resurrect the value of metaphor. History keepers, as nature did select such unto fittest. Thesis entirety. Amen.

Harmony balanced, Elemental perfection. Mountainous glory.
     Interactive self though essentially the same trinity becomes more profound per communion with the world self is an aspect of. The pentagram of European peoples is the blessing I use to best identify with this self that serves as a doorway between the trinity of Christ and the trinity of the passive self? This self is composed of practice/religion (earth), spiritual interaction/ambition (fire), intelligence/mathematical determinism (air), the soul self/passive self (water) and my over all awareness thereof or individual governing philosophy (light).

(Consider... the interactive self also communes with passive self who is effected just as much by ones philosopically governed interactive self as it is by the world at large.)

Dynamics Illumination.

Upon which I stand is the heart soul of religion,
Never Idle,
Spirit through intelligence mine hands.
Sentient philosophy awake!
Tis only the sleepwalker whom true...
Time calls to wherever awareness lands in sing,
Bodhisattva every Christian to plead!
Forsake thee not glory in breath!
Tis only enraged indignity thus lost to...
Democracy is peace dynamically agreed sublime,
Portents inspire the shared whole.
Angelic in pagan cosmology!
Tis only the dead by fowls whom never...
Amen Elohim, Amen!


Spirit is the all encompassing expanse that the self as spirit is the micro-self and macro-self analyzer of? The infinite taking on finite dimensions for benefit of completion, of glory and so only other than a spiritual reality per illusion? A blessing or curse by choice not chance... The uncanny power of free will always humble? Dynamic perfection accomplished in this manifestation "human" betrayed by only mindlessness, neglect?

Brothers in Arms. Brothers are blessings. Beyond the hold of all time. Song of white winged doves.

Chance and Change.

Humanitarian. Religious rebellion in a makeshift hell? Limbo begotten of the will-less swell beneath "our" breast?.. Dominating the mathematical will. Swill has its fill of life devalued for a vain glory lost to the triviality such was? Do not Gods doves grace all of our lives with simple splendor? Engender what it is to surrender to the all that is greater than any one man. Political fiend to friend per times shifting sand, revelations hour glass. So vast! This greater than I know that is known. Crones laughter and jubilee, soul-body, our home, never to roam! Whatever is the will flown is what is made of me. Never the abominations of man by earth, sky, and sea for such is the refusal of logical trinity! Spare we this pigheaded insane! Indeed lost is all refrain... Therefore I pray. God save us. Amen.

Created by Western Twilight