Foundation of Mind and Change?


Time and space enchanted to human being. Mine is thine in transcendent meaning. Never fleeting is the truth, ourselves we understand. Kissing human embrace, the taste, of metaphysical friend! Mine helping hand ever yours. So many tours to the floors of "knocked down", still "we" stood up; the beaten pup grown to growl. Whilst the beast that prowl flee ever from thee? But somehow? Wise eyes do see... Your place is mine? Humanity set free. May it be. Amen. 


And the reason is you, everywhere you look. Think back to your love, the mastery in the open book, the rook that took that bishop. Contemplate an armor-less night? Naked is the soul that endures every plight for the right that is Americas son in sing. No moment is fleeting as forever is the ring, the bling, the diamond of day... Glisten glitter and sparkle come whatever may, as we say, for being a people never held by the throngs of defeat. Listen to your soul before spirit to democratically complete the tirade in songs that speak; only the human soul never joyless to bleak... Celebration is forever, per the infinite we are meek, to mild. Love of the child beyond the wild that calls every young mans name? The crone is the greater, transcending all blame; indeed the fame of eternity in show. Holy trinity is your truth, a light in the night to glow. Amen.

Learning Transcendent.

Children's tomorrow in time. Cronus reborn to timeless considerations? Selfless in pardon to support a future glorious. Furious is not the name as satisfaction does proclaim perfection in learning and learning again. Identify the infinite and the greatest joy that a parent could be? Even Athena confesses a rage to flee as family is true fame. My flame as brothers keeper eternal despite the power to resurrect! Highest the effectual teaching as, per will, every moment in time we do effect. Cronus? Amen.

     Acceptance?  All as this glory it, my God, assumes rightly to be? My will prostrate I encourage we the best we'll see less change inspires greater set free? Come unto thee now such justice! Unless mastery will greater to thee? I, we, world and all? In mine heart? Despairingly? So mote this be! Cannon of change so Socratically!? Highest Divinity? Amen.

Sociology Simple?

Meaning is manifest made? Twas fully man? Fully you? Who if not true representation of respectful for appreciation's divinity? Brothers keeper Bodhisattva, to ascend into we the entirety of the Celtic Knot's trinity and mystery untied? Ride the glide of freedom through FATHER PEACE above where the myriad portents, temperance, love, and wisdom hide in finite (our big bang) for only a moment to glory infinite COMPLETE. And it is done, this our defeat of ignorance that does maim, so meaningless less defense, sentient value to fuel abomination. Ever its own end seeking, wisely, peace; peace, ever salvation unto its self? Presentation the wealth of Moses at Sinai. Amen.

"Time and Space". Oil pastels and acrylics on canvas grade paper.
Human Glory Is?

     Nothing new under the sun? Indeed evolution has always been a cosmic constant... Therefore the identity of the cosmos remain ancient and unchanged; Ancient of Days? Yet for the microcosm,  the isolated self of illusion, evolution is constant chronological, individual, societal and environmental change? Mediation of the historic is challenge enough often times (as American politics have vividly portrayed); added to the equation is constant fluctuation, constant introduction and integration of a "new" moment, a new opportunity for the finite compliment of infinite; both self?

     Persons, of course, were endowed with the ability to articulate consciously and logically the dynamic equation mentioned to workable conditions; but traumatized? Broken we are easily overwhelmed by reality and tend, for attempting to mend, towards rejection of the complication? Mindless can not be human? Mindful of the process (even in regards to mending) is essential if man is to honor Imago Dei and encourage evolution rightly? Unhealthy is below the unhealthy, their power deity? Yet who reminds? We tend to struggle so for self glory that we become unhealthy sub-human spiritually ourselves for self glory existing only in comparison to? The other variable condemned? Rightly? (Political orientation may prevent an understanding of this statement?)

     Humanity is fragile despite appearances.  Obligated by humanity the strong must strengthen, reinforce, the weak less human glory suffer slanderous shame? Strength is healthy, healthy is strength? What should our endeavors always be then? An enemy is my friend when?

From my book "The Unorthodox House of Aurelian Algebra". . .

The basis, the very foundation of Stoicism, is mathematical realization, by and through, active and passive meditation; there is nothing flippant or under-evolved in the true Stoic theorem. Indeed right expression of Stoic spirit would be, "The math immediately determines according to the variable that it is I whom have worked the equation" accordingly "and am now Socratically obligated to encourage methodical doubt per the infinite". Even Stoic simplicity, as demonstrated by Epictetus, is extraordinarily dynamic; though a slave, subjugated to the will of a "master", his self was still his to control; demonstrating plainly that man could not be owned and that to assume such was a mathematical absurdity, a negation of fact, an outright misconception of inferior logical exercise. Potentially the promotion of mental illness?..Stoicism is an honorable aim individually per such a great man providing a grand empirical foundation. May all aspire to even greater levels of mental wellness. Amen.


     When we all are afflicted by a common enemy... Human degradation. Only as strong as the weakest link means only as weak as the strongest? Reinforcement of life as glorious, as holy, is the only sentiment that saves life? To not appreciate, to not love and foster such is to betray salvation and destroy the human life that you are? What self glory, what illusion, robs you of macrocosmic identity? Your wealth in heaven? Karma!


Bodhisattva's boundless love and grace
The carrying of that cross
Remove me know from this wretched place;
To ignorance
To the Devil I am lost,
and left behind me.
I know all you are is true
Resurrect yourself inside of me
So I might be the servant of who?
You in all of humanity
Yeah, your majesty knows nothing of a limited I.
Nor eye for an eye, or tooth for a tooth,
For the dead bury the dead
And this is the law of those who die.
Yes please Lord may I be another who lives
And gives your hearts most sacred flame.
By your will my heavenly beloved
Might my whole being become tame.

Michael Thine Glory.
Michael Thine Glory.

Labor to be free of thee,
Thine glory,
Tibetan book of the dead.

Selfless is servitude in three,
Self's story;
Ignorance is sentience stone lead.

Struggle until the fallen see,
Cause of fury;
Narcissus marking the head.

Fathom we all entirety,
Implore thee;
Right effect is propriety well said.

Actions are words,
Prayer are birds
The path upon which we tread.

Mercy is charity
Compassion is council
Until all inhumanity has fled.

Leave us sane sinless
Like a true lovers fame
Unto heaven every cause is wed.

Dreaming in the bed,
Labor to be free of thee,
Thine glory,
Tibetan book of the dead.


     Identity of the receptive and expressive, the being that acknowledges and responds according to that beings constitution; Yin and Yang? Human! Every portent, every part. Propriety is a matter minded by the humanitarian ever so the inhumane debate for sentiment tends to legislate? Yet the gift of reason? What treason to refuse the blessing commanded ye to use according to thine greatest good? Thine person every person? Health is wealth whilst the impoverished scream plague of body, soul and mind? Them! Untouchables for some unacknowledged crime? What insanity does reason fail to define? Never mine an artist of crime against crime? My insult serves me not but hope of Bodhisattva my Christ. Humanity divine. Above all nights or plights. Amen Elohim. AMEN.

     Many occurrences encourage that I postulate the idea that all that was, is the working of deity beyond the power or knowing of any one or number of we whom live currently as microcosm? All that is, is the given gift of that very same deity to we whom do glorify with thanks however exercise or constitution (nature and nurture) permits, becoming the gift we with and as deity give to the future? Should we encourage abominable monstrosity for the humanity that comes to praise our fame? No. What glory in the eyes of the to be born could we possess?

     Profess. The Karma outside of my power, as it is all men's, is the "what was"? This Karma of "what is" is ours to work with towards whatever endeavor "we" reasonably choose? And the future for our children shall be? Only justice for we, the people! What regard will they see when they look at ye? The practice of the steeple if not humane civility?

     I-Ching a name of God fluctuating... The truly humble labor adamantly for they do not know, but hope and pray that goodness they reap for the loving labors they sow. Amen as change shall be. You profess an others ill fate ignorant of we whom gaze at those very same so mercifully? Lovingly? Boasting humanity their fame? How easy it would be to profess ignorance your shame and folly. Void of any great claim? To question? AMEN.

Enchantments. (Metric Haiku) Innocence. All that's given to we is all you are. History; Moses, Christ, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Pagan, Druid, Sufi, Witch, Shintoist. Children love absolutely, honestly.
On the Morrow?

     Indeed? Mathematical proclivity and inclination? Is it the Omni alone whom writes the future for the perfectly appreciative? Those whom true practice the law, threatened by only traumatic injury and their own defensive mechanisms per the threat of neurotic?    

     Seers of old struggled against the unknowing of tomorrow, often for selfish reasons, but also for the hope and goodness that is the child? Shells and bones? Prophecies and oracles? All serviced humanity and so humanitarianism when gifts given to the right persons, the sincere and devout? Being so much more aware now, as is proclaimed, have we the luxury of excuse? Infinite is overwhelming yet St. Paul and I agree... we are more than blessed with what we need to overcome all odds? With the precious future, the child, as ample motivation. Should such perfection suffer only our shame? Can we not, given our gifts, proclaim a brighter dawn of golden light for tomorrow? We are the means... the question is how?    

     Change! What the mind does manipulate much more humbly than a butterfly's wings, yet much more potently especially for we whom share equality and common natures! To a receptively accept the cosmic cause and express as cause to effect? Questioning what for would, at this point, be suspect? Potentially suicide? Leaving a single one of you whom read this to hell is below me... can the same not be said of you in regards to your own children? Cronus will profess the choice made! All things are made beautiful in time?

"Mentality the Cosmology." 
(Ode to Moses and the dead blasphemy against his fame.)

Founder of thine faith
Glorifying higher
As love is never wrong;
Rainbow hue
Of the fire?
Pessimistic ideology
Master of desire?
Every bed a whore
Singing in the choir?
Suicide of the liar!
Deny thine self entirety
To thine situation dire.
More than thee
Beyond every pyre.
Her honest, mindful, choice?
Respect love does require.
Religious freedom.


Shaman savior...
The book of the dove,
Like the holy spirit of love,
Seem to do other
Than justify
The slavery
Of your "faith"?
Sayeth thee
One does not falter,
From the very foundation,
When he fails to see
The lady
As God divine?
Metaphysically inept
Your theft
Of the sacred 
Limited condemnation
Can not define!
No condemnation therein
Do I find
As spirit safeguards
All self?
The empireOf your wealth?
History's mental health?
The lady
And now?
Emperors sit on thrones...
Men labor the plow.
Idle sloth?..
The shepherds touch
With reality?
May God reach you...
Amen Elohim, Amen.
Satanic 666. (Metric Haiku) Origin inhumane driving insane. Commandments safeguard psychology via appreciation of sentience. The sun warming the Earth's prosperity.

     Or the perpetuating towards the depraved insane that is today can continue to be despite our beings screaming psycho-symbolically the want for otherwise? God did say, "let there be"? Essence of his will all this manifest and you? That same will resides in thee? Yet the question? How? Who!

     Every movement is the magic of the moment parenting the moment? Human will is mastery? So mote it be! Effectually! As is the right of "in the image". Ideology perfected mathematically is key to our success? Fostering then an environment that fosters wellness should be eustress and the rest meditated away. Although it may well be forever... "come what may"? Negatively?  I choose to see? True? Amen.

     Choice... Made by what empowered disposition? What practice? What religion?

Loyal I.

Traumatic accumulation, compilation grievances pile up to near insane. Humanity not our name per the vain that stakes its claim in forever night. Right is the might that calms neurosis. Psychosis but injuries acclaim. So fragile the being, free from all blame, the fame of self glory's self of sin. Transcend is where I begin whilst it is only I who does amend constitution lost. The cost but frost in a sub-human world paved by countless lessors to ice cold. The road is bold yet to scold would but waste time. Every voice is mute in the land of the screaming without reason for rhyme, void of the inter-twine, that keeps us from falling apart. Minister blasphemy not to me, my will the sacred heart. Blessed an effectual alone in my home I disown the roam that never in my soul did start. Holy Gods art. First was Christ hated. Amen.


I did not kill one
But two.
The liar insane
That prompted you,
And the liar
That within you
But a trash
Of ignorant value.
Mathematical Key. (Metric Haiku) Articulation refined uncanny. Movements, thoughts, feelings; so much as words for being heard on the stage of our effect. Matrix mathematically understood?

      Miracles for children? Perhaps a becoming when we cease entertaining ourselves at the expense of life? When we stop indulging in propaganda, political hype and self centered agendas to become, and find, solutions to the problems the future will face so much as the present? Reality is a language? Every portent and part? Learning the language and transmitting right understanding is perhaps the best we could do by our tomorrow? Math to sanity is no vanity... all language being symbolic representation algebraic?

     We can not fake goodness? The future our confession? All reality is our responsibility,  the health and welfare of, our agenda? One sided, limited, bias will not serve; determinations that are inconsiderate of an all inclusive reality fail the standards thereof? Enabling ability is our true hope for us being creatures of activity and known realities highest sentience? Do we compliment our dynamic manifestations currently? Why?


Though our politics do indeed reflect dynamics they, politics, are not the deepest or highest calling of democratic aim. The fame is infinity its self, the quantum prism that is existence existent as we and the health that is our prosperity. Working to completion of such a rarity as life, we record the struggle of hardship to better free ourselves from strife. Every voice a power imbued with the celestial that is our ripe, we grow to understand, and in love delight. Free forever of night. Foresight. Amen.


The traveling of galaxies is true a terrifying task? Asking the question who are you and shedding the mask to articulate a genuine understanding into but, and your selfish, tongue? Karma in every curse like silken webs of iron spun. The ladies are just for fun when all that has become is abomination of a lax mind void of even peace? God the cosmos does speak his release from heights, symbolic plights, that, like the humbling infinite, subordinates all that must learn? "Name thee the fruits of the garden whilst for Lucifer I will take my turn?" Beguiling those perverse perceptions of yearn we overcome by transcending the burn of want; death is not? Appreciative love never distraught for being tied taut by preservation's constriction. Indeed addictions affliction is desire for the first commandment whilst not wishing to walk the path, with abortion being the aftermath of the self unseen; to not keep a moment holy is to promise that murder is all that we will redeem and the making unclean of all people? Diamond of the steeple and the shepherds communal repose, a curse to even those whom do not rightly mind we personal responsibility? "Now isn't silly to suffer forgiveness our insult the tumult but a demand to you your ability embrace." True a terrifying face the boundless of time and space. Serenity's calm the only balm to cultivate in legislate. Debate first your state then find meter to measure. Democracy free through we. Amen.


Mathematician mind metering measure,
Per movement,
Per Karma,
Reactionary chain of events,
All ready poetry of God's oratory mastery!
Spoken in the cortex with the big bang of neurons firing.
What of bio-chemistry,
Inter-dependent relativity,
The synaesthetic symphony that is...
The seat of mind as basis
of sentience;
the adrenaline response?
Political endeavors  to unity;
Already so?
Mathematical mind measuring meter,
Perimeter secure,
Paramount psychology,
Religion to explore,
Inquisitive child.
Amen Elohim, Amen.

Marys Lily
Marys Lily
Created by Western Twilight