Welcomed, are our complications. . .

Biblical Kisses.
"Biblical Kisses."

Genesis speak to me your whispered hue,
Song and dance traversing transcend.
In the night I am but without you!
Falling to death, thus we reprimand?

Sea and land per thine firmament the same,
Cosmos to cue logical dictations glory.
Forever the travesty for loves heart death does maim!
Herein we learn to gods via fatalities story.

Traumatic to grief is mourning's confused, effectual, cry;
As the wrongful forgotten is life eternal's true lullaby!

Trinity Prayer.

     Deity Dynamics is an intense investigation of self and reality, cause and effect, truth and falsehood? Near to every statement inviting questioning (so much as criticism) for benefit of greater growth and development, as well as honoring the minds of our ancestors, is an honoring of Socratic method; thus the "question mark" being most prevalent on this site. Logic, reason, mathematical precision and a devotion to higher and healthier being (I, we, world and all ) is the ambition adamantly pursued? May highest identity bless. Amen.

     Our complications? Ultimately they are who and what we are as perfect sentient incarnations of cosmic complexity? Person-hood the glory bestowed, yet to what end are we the means? Our limited abilities to effect willfully what is ultimately our eternal identity in totality? Free will permitted by microcosmic being absorbed into the macrocosmic continuum? Amongst many other questions these are a few explored. All for the benefit of the entirety and by many different means? Here honoring historic evolution into the present is essential. Amen.


Ministers of peace like practitioners of medical arts,
Failures detestable for philosophy profound.
Harmony starts by recognizing many moving parts,
Made of one in the garden, by love always bound.
Realization of breath celebrated then loathed,
Duality of gnosis is this trees mastery.
Lost is the spark of she so beloved to betrothed!
All evil must be romance betrayed by thine mortality?!
Slave labor then for longevity's grace...
As the beauty that fades is still this hearts most glorious face...

    Reject nothing? Judge not? The isolated microcosm of self is indeed made in the image of deity, of macrocosm, dynamic to infinite extremes. Conscious, logical ability supports persons not to condemn but to appropriate for benefit of humanity, self and other. All turmoil is defense of the sacred? Is defense sane? Will we be humble or humiliated?

     The doorway is the questioning, so much more important than the determinations that stifle ones growing in understanding. Life is discovered in the womb and reality at birth... Beyond this understanding of and greater, truth, is all that a person can acquire. What do our determinations support if they break the backs of science by polluting the mind of highest sentience? Health is the ultimate concern?

     Deity Dynamics is devoted to the discovery and sharing of the most Godly, most beneficial,  understanding of the all, our truth. No stone left unturned we suffer to support this identity as proactive portents of evolution ever mindful that the "all one" is the only true master that blesses us to labor as we each do, mindfully (scientifically) or not. We accept humility as right punishment for disrespect and strive to empower the humble that supports every humans ability to factually perceive; as a portent unappreciated, and unappreciative, is the path to true condemnation. May God deliver us. Amen.

About WesernTwilight:


Spiraling earthbound, trees that disappeared into the heavens heights. The room a forest where unsuspecting children did play at the roots, despite the dark nights that came slithering down. Found, beyond the frown, was the know to encourage escape. I herded them to safer ground. Still upon my shoulder the bite near the nape! Venom in my veins! Mocking terrified and death, my family, empowers the reigns held over my heart. Dive to the death of dynamics then, part by sacred part. Parallel symbolism, a realistic prism. War is rape, a serpentine dart. Poisoned.
(Björk: Army of Me)

     Dreams, visions, presence of the extra-real, lucid dreaming and foresight are the most defining attributes of my life indeed a prism. Art, poetry and thesis are the means I use to express my limited understanding of this identity by God designed? My passions reflect this reality... psychology, methodical doubt, metaphysics, theology, religion, spirituality, cosmology and reality (to name the most endeared) have always proven the most helpful and calming. Injustice considered an intolerable shame, upright humanitarianism is my sole ambition by a lifetime empowered. Amen.

Wonder Logical Mutations.

Shifting. Childish changing of the channels becomes the co-write such always was, via psychoanalysis understanding. Mutable with the vivid of awake? Ouch! I've burnt my finger, reality blister-less, yet the bite is there felt? "So this is in my mind"? Whilst curiosity does pelt mine dream-scape with query and, never weary, mine dream responds. We a harmony of songs all my mind composed, mostly by those intricate expressions often not iterated by day. All that I would say a sleeping throng of unexpressed beauty in masses of minute details. Feelings of the philosophy. So so the entrails of every articulation? Escaping Babylon! The war-lorn and worn nation of inconsideration to tumultuous idiocy. Never will I let it be, this sea of dreams the master of me through perfect equality ever becoming. The engines are running until it is done. Dawn of rising. Life giving warmth of sun. Become.


Spiritual existence infiltrates my own since but a child mild dancing the dreams and teams of beings into the reality they are. Much to far from scientific sane to amount to fame; ever wondering alone and just how safely so? Men of ill repute go never trusted for lusted is the glory of day. Come whatever may my faith will have its way to free of them. Begotten of the sin that in vain chides. Defiant derides all the slime such hides for benefit of our abysmal social state, the hated debate, of what man "must" be perceived to be. But a trinity holy to infinite extremes. She redeems what it seems, our earthen science, but philosophically inept, never what it is? Spirit into spiritual reality, the gates, are our fates through every human that lives and gives to breathe. Foster we then a soul that does seethe infernal? Eternal is every moment in time. Grace does cry for ye whom did commit the crime. We entwine per deed, the seed, of cultural legislate. Wait... Just wait... Now watch self grow! Query the tides undertow and know you can't forever swim! Yet thine movement will never cease so sure as movement did begin.
Amen Elohim, Amen.

     So much per the infinite that summarizes the human reality applies to my humanitarian pursuits? Organization, especially due to trauma, has proven difficult for me... therefore I am thankful for my poetic ability as so much can be articulated beyond the demand of legality. Nevertheless I strive in laboring for humanity to provide the most mathematically specific and/or exact explanations of self and/or reality that I can formulate. I am politically complex yet realistic and devoted to the true nature of spiritually inclined politics versus the egomania commonly practiced; mediation of this infinite for best benefit of the human collective? I pray to serve well. Amen.

Contact info: narcissus1881@aol.com

   Psycho-Spiritual individuation is in essence and in practice freedom from, or elevation above, the typical world and nature we all live from and in. To live liberated, in truth, is to acknowledge all and to positively effect all whilst being so at peace (and sure of your own awareness of truth and what is best for human life, your own and others) that you can not be adversely effected. Arduous the task most essential? 

     History introduces us to many individuated persons of many different cultural and religious backgrounds who made it a personal endeavor to achieve this state of being, making them not only extremely important teachers, but also eternal symbols that transcend even death. What is it that they did that empowered them so? Exactly what we all do in varying extremes? They loved and loved it, they suffered and sought freedom from suffering, they (most importantly) developed practices that were aimed at the empowerment of the good (love, peace, harmony, togetherness) and the ending of the bad (strife, pain, illness and war), making them the greatest servants of humanity in whatever particular age and area that they each variously lived in. All that separates most of us from them is the amount of effort they invested into encouraging the development of the world we all want (Eden, Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, ect...) and can, like them, labor to create of this world that we live in.  

     To begin we must open our minds to a conscious awareness of the world we live in that harmonizes. We must become awake to reality at large and develop a mature scientific understanding of it that will free us from the infantile reality of "the self alone". Indeed microcosm isolated is the root of all ill and ill begotten.

Definite Reality and Commonality?

     Opening my eyes to reality I became aware of three interconnected portents that are definite and true. These are, the individual self, the social environment each person is part of, and the natural environment that provides for every person who has ever lived, lives or will live. Being interconnected no aspect of this trinity is free from any other and as this awareness sets in I begin to realize the truth of the self; I am not my own, I belong to all of creation as all of creation is given to me to acknowledge, understand, and grow both from and for. I am creation and it is me. Naturally I must further question and investigate what this truth holds for me and what it implies. I start to more thoroughly analyze each portent as well as the interconnection of each starting with the portent of the individual self.

     As an isolated self I am a biological, feeling, thinking and dreaming organism with natural needs that, for the continuation of this life, demand to be fulfilled? Initially it was the responsibility of the family I was born into to satisfy these demands (social environment), later the demands presented themselves to my own individual person prompting me to both understand them and act to fulfill them. This is the most basic reality of the individual self from birth onward, a reality of laboring to satisfy physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs (earth, water, air, fire)? The better these needs are understood the more capable of meeting their natural demands we each become and the more likely it is that we will grow to fulfill our own divine images which is the greatest aspect of our individual work.    

     One reason that grief (which we must understand as surely as we suffer it) becomes an effecting aspect of our collective reality is that if either the social group we are apart of fails early on to satisfy these needs, or later if we fail to understand them and satisfy them ourselves the whole individual being suffers and may, from failure to thrive, even die. Thus it is indeed wise to know the self, in doing so not only can you better care for yourself but you begin to better understand others and why they do so many of the things that they do. They are being driven to satisfy the same needs as you. Knowing this makes you more capable of caring for them, an action which the individual self is driven to do because of mutual understanding inspired by self awareness? This sentiment leads us into the portent of our social environment

     First try to visualize how dynamic a collection of individuals whose needs have been satisfied in various degrees and who have been neglected in various ways will be? Some people are what we consider to be "spoiled" and most likely have very little understanding of interconnection thus remaining for the greater portion of their lives very infantile and unaware of the needs of others; meaning, that the natural mutual understanding that typically evolves into the individual human is stunted and underdeveloped per neglect? Others have been so neglected and/or abused that that they may either grow to become some extreme of spiritually humiliated or, because their own lives have been so degraded, they may grow to have little value for human life making them extremely afraid of others, angry and perhaps even violent. Still others are balanced and well to do, these people work to care for themselves and others are proactive and experimental in attempting to make even better their own lives and the lives of those that they share the world with. And still there are many others I am sure?

     Now take into consideration that all of these people are culturally educated and understand, question, empower and devalue the education they have been provided in various individual ways. Realize that they are all effecting one and other, teaching each other their individual truths, challenging one and others authority, and supporting one and other whilst constantly trying to satisfy their own individual needs according to how they understand themselves (for better or worse) and all of this reality that they are a part of? If this is not dynamic enough add to it cross-cultural influences and opposition. Amazing chaos.  

     Next consider the natural environment and the considerable influence that it has on every life that has, does or will exist. That which provides for all life demands that we learn how to use the resources available to us, challenging our bodies and minds while strengthening our spirits and moving us to value all that we have sentimentally? Influencing all art, philosophy, religion and science the portent of the natural world or environment can not be devalued only better understood and utilized. For me the world of nature is poetry and the beloved mistress of every heart. The sacred and peaceful complexity that encourages all life to grow and to be whatever it does become. Perfection that often times is forgotten foolishly? 

     Now that we have considered each portent in an isolated respect lets consider the spiritual or karma reality that is the constant interconnection of the three. This aspect of the work is considerable and requires extensive meditation? However the simple symbol provided "Definite Reality and Commonality" can better help you fathom the working of all three portents in a unified harmony?      

     Every happening in in each area of reality affects all other areas of reality in both positive and negative ways (common cultural perception) literally creating a new reality for us to understand with every passing moment? Therefore it becomes a priority to exercise and empower your ruling faculties via meditative awareness empowering understanding? Those who choose not to are more or less left to impulse, whim and chance which often lead to sadness, grief, misery, anger and other negative consequences that add against them to their individual struggle for liberation; those who practice contemplatively are more aware and so more in control of themselves and therefore better capable of being positively empowering. The sufferings of the world come to all, some are dominated by it and in choosing to be so dominated inspire suffering, and some dominate the suffering because they choose to be free of it and in doing so help to free others? All people are part of one shared reality? Who do you choose to be? What do you base your decision on? Why? Know the self to better empower your choice and even your ability to choose.

Individuated Persons?  

Once our minds are open to and aware of reality at large, once we realize our interconnection with all of creation and how our choices affect all and are counter effected by all (both in physical and spiritual ways), we can begin to undertake the task of individuating ourselves according to our more evolved understanding of I with all. Remember to be mindful of the fact, that although this is the road less traveled, others have traversed the way and have left historic memories documenting their  experiences, understandings, growth and practices. You are never alone.

Jesus Christ?

     One of the most recognized memories of an individuated and empowered person is of course the "Lord of Lord" and "King of Kings" "Our Lord and Savior" Jesus Christ. Obviously we can be sure that this particular individual earned the respect and love of many throughout the course of his live given the titles affiliated with his name. Our question of course should be how?   

     Godliness and miracles will be the first aspect of his story that many people think of, the divine abilities that Jesus reportedly had over all of this manifest reality. This how ever is not the most essential aspect of his message to us; he lived and died as a man, he suffered to make the best choices and decisions that he could (the challenge in the garden the night of his arrest), he meditated seeking peace and truth (leaving his followers to meditate in the hills) , he prayed constantly for higher assistance and guidance that he trusted and opened himself to; through his practice he prescribed a way of life, a way of being, to his followers. More importantly he rivaled the common practices of his own people attempting to inspire the development of a reality that was better or more considerate of all of human life. Jesus saved lives and liberated people from their sufferings, think not of his miracles alone but also of his encouraging that you should "go and sin no more".   

     What does that mean, to sin no more? Think of what we discover through awakening to our interconnection with all of this reality. Our actions have effects on all of creation just as the actions of others, like the events that take place in the world of nature, effect us. It is by the way of this awareness that we may understand what Jesus was saying to his people; go and inflict suffering no more, your faith (your looking to greater than yourself) has saved you. Your dynamic interconnection with all of creation is of course greater than you alone. Father, Son and Holy Spirit? Amen.


     Prince Siddhartha the founder of the religion Buddhism is historically famous for meditating and contemplating on all of this creation until he freed himself from all suffering. Making it his mission to liberate others from the ignorance and confusions that are the cause of suffering his fame became right warranted? Apparently after becoming the Buddha the prince was so astute and inclined to right understanding that he became the educator of both Gods and men though his beginnings were just like any other mans prince or not? Like all of us the Buddha became aware of suffering and like all of us sought to free himself from it; unlike the majority however he sought not only immediate relief from suffering but eternal relief from it and labored to find the means to this end specifically. Faith declares him a success and demanded that history do likewise.   

     Being so beneficial towards human life that his practice was adopted by almost all of the eastern world does say something about how truly important meditative contemplation, understanding and right religious action are to human life? People found truth, hope and peace in his teachings that freed many from the pain they did (just as we do) consistently encounter throughout the course of their lives; while also being developmentally challenged by an other than common practice that demanded they not only respect greatness but become great themselves? Theoretically, socially, this sentiment has an obvious many benefits that perhaps we would be wise to consider?"Go and sin no more."; awaken and act beneficially, act rightly?


     Chinese sage and legalist, Confucius, is to this very day famed as one of the greatest philosophers to have ever lived. Propriety or right conduct was the cornerstone of his teachings, indicating, that he labored diligently to discover exactly what right and beneficial behaviors were for every person, and encouraged that proper (conducive to the concept of the greatest good) behaviors be religiously practiced. Many question his level of success but even those that do must confess that he meditated constantly upon what was in the best interest of people and how they could more beneficially live their lives; the need to empower goodness in life was the motivation that earned him great renown and respect. China will never forget him and will always be, in part at least, Confucian.


     Another legendary Chinese philosopher/mystic poet, Lao-Tzu the father of Taoism, illustrates perfectly what it means to fathom the entirety of the known manifest. Vague yet direct his work is dreamy and instructive, all encompassing and focused. Being concerned with the lives of people he attempted to advise while always considering the truth of creation or Tao and what those truths indicate we should do and labor to be. A worthwhile study and practice.

Tao te Ching Observed? Philosophy or Mystery Teaching?

A mystical acknowledgment that affects the being in a manner that causes a philosophical type of self government to evolve in only those who might fathom, so far, as to embrace the unlimited (Tao) and become the beneficiary of such wonderful karma as to humble the self before you are humiliated by easily acknowledged worldly and egotistical limitations?


     Divinely inspired Moses is the founder of what may be the most influential religion to have ever existed in the world. A man that talked to God (that which is greater than any individual self) he became capable of instituting religious laws and practices that grew through his people to eventually dominate all of the western world. Again like all great men he sanctioned practices that were of the greatest benefit to his people, he encouraged good health, common welfare and devotion in thought and practice to that which is above all? While it is true that many people disagree with or don't understand the law of Moses his effect on the whole world is undeniable just as the sociocultural value of the "Ten Commandments" can only be described as "of paramount importance". Yet like all other men this greatly devout person proved to be capable of making a mistake (?) showing us that every person has room for improvement no matter what status they hold.


     Roman slave, philosopher and educator, Epictetus was considered so wise a man that he was given his freedom from slavery. Educating  that the only aspect of creation any one man could control was himself and that the ability to master self control was achieved through denouncing impulsive behavior and drive for self glory indicate that he felt life should be lived simply, with an honest understanding of the self and ones life situation . The psychological value of his teachings to this day can not be undermined.   

St. Queen Elizabeth?

     A woman well advanced by ages St. Queen Elizabeth of the Tudor dynasty ushered in the golden age of England by being a steadfast humanitarian. Devoted to the ending of the religious wars that plagued her people she demanded of herself the strength to establish a government worthy of the human glory that was being made desolate per totalitarian insanity? Modeling herself after the Holy Mother Mary, St. Queen Elizabeth rivals all odds to this very day as a matron of human well being; for all time unblemished by political harlotry regarding the thought as greater than the thinker and/or the organized faith as more important than the faithful? Forever she stands as a proof that one person can revolutionize the entirety.

St. Dr. Victor Frankle?

     Holocaust survivor progressing past the most extreme traumatic injury man could suffer to go on laboring for the well being of others? Father of "Logotherapy", (a psychiatric endeavor to empower recovery past mental hardship via developmental understanding of life's metaphysical meaning) Dr. Victor Frankle is not only a grand example of a humanitarian but also one of humanity overcoming all hardships to honor exactly that glory. May this thought provoking and devout man inspire many as he has inspired me towards higher understanding.

St. Mother Teresa?

     Every person she approached was the incarnation of her God Jesus Christ? Good works and deeds (though numerous) aside this lady demands great consideration for her simple yet devoted philosophy on life and persons; simple and yet divinely dynamic? A woman most worthy of the title Saint per her determinations alone, her spiritual insights are a great help to any person laboring to understand humanity and the truth thereof?

Emperor Marcus Aurelius?

     Stoic philosopher and greatest of Romes "Five Good Emperor's", Marcus Aurelius expressed a mentality humble and therefore worthy of historic graces considering the curse power can be for many? His meditations were elevated perhaps unto prophetically ahead of his time? Marcus Aurelius is the master of a human lifetime expressed with golden simplicity.

Amen Elohim. Amen.

     Secular illusions of difference defeated for it being apparent that the human psychology, that which is responsible to great degree for all sociocultural development, is humanitarianly the same across the board? Many others from many other cultures could be mentioned to illustrate the point already established indirectly, yet to bore with the redundant theme could be detrimental and counter the cause? Shamans, Druids, Celts, other priest of pagan faiths and on... empowered by a common humanitarian drive unencumbered by the type of political harlotry that rivals decency of spirit in vain? Humanities failure, in matters of even faith, is inhumane inconsideration? Amen.

Introspective Analysis and Planning?

     Essential to the process of individuation is introspection and logistical planning? Mathematical determination of a psycho-biological impulses (emotion) value and the inspired actions affect environmentally? Such contemplations are the cornerstones of knowing the self beyond microcosm isolate and establishing altruistic identity truer to cosmic design? Mapping karma, cause and effect, indeed is the highest glory bestowed and an exercise paramount for realization of human as highest sentience? May God design identity always. Amen.

The Christ Child as Every Child.

     The mysterious workings of anatomical self, the astounding wonder of the glorious creation one has been brought into, and the societal or cultural teachings that inspire are the three basic stimuli that effect the growing child? Indeed these are the only three, a trinity that is so potent a sense of awe is from the earliest moments (the womb) encouraged and so the basis of, not only a child's, but every human individuals psychology throughout the course of their lives? Seemingly the broken, downtrodden spirit that is riddled with grief and misery seems to defy this statement but such as truth is not so? Consider... the emotional stimuli that would be affiliated with the like are but questions regarding the trinity that the self will develop philosophical answers to (cultural foundation), which allows the self to return to the true self, an appreciative, awe inspired identity exploring the manifest; a child?

     To judge not come unto each other as children, excited to learn. Wondering Eve? Children living and learning as individuals are so much like Christ it is uncanny! Questioning, rejecting your answers for play or for lack of fulfillment (mysteries), rivaling social standard and implementing their own understandings of the manifest as new cultural standard (relation to Exodus 20 verses 5 and 6 in the Tanakh, mystery teaching to be fathomed) and all the like are the very things that were done by the Christ. A very Romeo and Juliet reality... "For what is in a name" "And I shall no longer be a Capulet"; being lost to the awe yet mapping it out regardless of cause and effect or the cultural, philosophical foundations that attempt to bind (safety and well being mostly). A great thought, I feel no further need to expound. Amen.

The Infantile Tendency?

     The infantile tendency as described by Freud is not attributed to the psychology proper but to the natural demands of the biology effecting the evolution of the psychology secondarily. It is the sense of awe that dominates a child's motivations, that which seems most amazing is most enticing as can be seen in the abused child's denunciation of others affections and fixations with material goods, its own emotional sensation a grievous state of self defense driving the road to psychotic? Where as the healthy child may crave your attentions and strive to always have them. Granted the abused child will naturally want your affections but will never trust them entirely and so will find it easier to satiate the awe drives wanting to understand by different means, food, toys, games or (worse case scenario) indulging in the sadness or questioning proper; the effect the abuse has had on the child? The awe drive is the primary psychological drive not infantilism and its evolution is sorely misunderstood and overrated.


Fact of the matter?

The pitter patter of evolution blossoming?

Children learning the path

Of, and into, I-Ching?

Such does redeem our sacred way?

Come into the light of day

To say

"Jubilee is the forsaken

When I leads all astray?

Therefore I pray...

Deliver we

Into the sea

Of every current willed? "

Self control

The toll

Of identity sealed?

Life force



Lily's blessing the field,

Of vital karma?


Desires via Traumatic. (Metric Haiku) Innate social tendency empowers, The needing and wanting of mutual understanding from ones human fellows. The desert mirage to tantalize thirst.
Slave to the silver lining? Heed the timing. Every hell a saint by choice! Fathom the infinite of voice! Contemplation upon effect? Amen.
Aesthetics. (Metric Haiku) Love is the demand that spares harshest fates. The first command of the saints stark white is appreciation; and romance pure gold. Oceanic movements caressing shore?


Living and fully empowered with a spirit of uncanny wisdom the ten commandments are not dictates alone but universal truths that must, for the sake of self and all humankind, be acknowledged.

I am the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the infinite and eternal that is beyond all limitation. I serve you expecting nothing more than that you always acknowledge me as the highest absolute and never reduce me, in any way, to the finite graven images that the world of myriad things encourages you to fathom, lest, your limitation becomes a barrier in between you and I, and you suffer for it. Taking this blessing of an acknowledgement to a vulgar place of vanity degrades my value to you and you to me, for communication between us becomes stifled. Never reduce me in yourself lest you should suffer your ignorance. Always take time out for Holy remembrance of me; though your labors are important as was my making thee? I made thee and encourage your healthy growth through wisdom and understanding; thus it is most important that you mind yourself to fathom my greatness to find and maintain a humble and innocent heart. Honor the wisdom handed down to thee from your ancestors for as I am with you so to was I there with your father, mother and all of humankind before them. I am responsible for all growth and development; knowing your history is akin to knowing me.


For the Benefit of yourself and all others you shall not cause discord by murdering, committing adultery, stealing, or bearing false witness as this is a lie to others for selfish benefit about my creation. For benefit of maintaining a peaceful heart and mind for the peace keepers are blessed you shall not covet what appears to belong to another for all is mine including the time span of your own life. Desire torments the being in a way that is unpleasant to me. Indeed mind me and keep my commandments to safeguard yourself, society and the natural world that is the provider of the things you foolishly believe you own.

Amen, Elohim, Amen.


Legacy of the ever important "me" delighted in the burn that does yearn for a turn to egoistic tribute. Refute the dispute to come out clean. Godhood is what every human does mean in effect. The natural select never wrong per the ladies song minding we of our ignorant fantasy made insane. Twas not myself whom ever should have been the main focus but dynamic entire. Funeral pyre burning bright for not but a tragic loss for the whole lot to proclaim in grief? Death that ever mindless thief incapable of robbing heaven? Did thou remember to be vigilant of the seven that encourage such torment to inflame. I cover mine eyes and ears, the years so our disdain for ever inter-connected. Perfected pierced by the scalpel, the serrated steel of "I". In the sky birds fly as peacefully as any man could dream. Whatever does a life's value mean? Pristine to redeem all the glory breath did beget. Begotten of genesis a romantic love poem sublime. "Without her?... What is mine?..". So the better tune.


(Fleetwood Mac: Dreams.)

I Am.

A cruel joke! Beware. Beware of Job"s ash from which I rise to consume those whom despair! My vanity everywhere as all is but one man! Chaos complexity! Be thee no mans friend?! Where I begin? The line in the sand that encourages thee to see! I am not me but all of we whom honor not, nor rightly, a trinity profound! Every step upon hallowed ground to desperation's plea! Alas you will not here Psyche's entreaty. So anti-Christ shall be thee! Violence against the sixth commandment. Her lover to blame!?! Amen Elohim, Amen. Woman? Fame?


Tasteful Mine Trinity.

Tasteful Mine Trinity.

Sensuality of sentient?

More than thine fleshed frame!

Psycho-Dynamic to spiritual?

Sociology of cultural.

Democracy in medical!

Political fame the bane

In Aphrodite's refrain to a curse?

Immortal the hearse?

Our lovings ever untouched trips!

Sanctuaries of debauchery?

Debased humanity.

The glory of divinity!

Warring hips to rips

In Athena's lips to screams?

Phalanx from teams?

Evolution of relational understanding!

Stance of "we the people" holy?

Spirit celebrated solely.

Well being totally!

Nature reprimanding  his commanding

For Hera's longstanding transcendence?

Let us become

The love, wisdom and glory

We are from.


Romantic Propriety?

     Sexual propriety. No individual shall be degraded for it is fated that God does reside within. What is has always been; sentience feeling the web to begin, to transcend, to become the holy that is solely the truth, we are interested in one and other! The greatest blessing of the world, of Malkuth. Like deity interested in me I am free to find God in you and be fulfilled in spite of any other telling me what I should do. New rule. Leave heaven alone.Remember that, because he loved you, Moses taught that you not having it as good as he had it, as a husband and a father, was an abomination. Food for thought.


(Aaliyah: Are You That Somebody)

     Sexual propriety. The glance, the gazing into another humans eyes is the most celebrated aspect of intimate communion. The body limits true togetherness as it, as aspect of the world, remains but a limited self. Intimacy rises above the I allowing we to be free from falsehood, from ignorance. We care, we love, we acknowledge us as more than selves. Otherwise we are a perversion of truth. A destructive deception.


(Shakira: Ojos Asi)

     Sexual propriety. Known to you is my heart in every language I speak. So many limitlessly. All of my soul. Democratically you listen wanting to learn, to know. This is the demand of life that must be allowed to grow as truth. Know me as your equal; Adam and Eve, David, Judith, Solomon, and Ruth. I am you as we are one of two. Come closer to you bringing me nearer than near as knowing you is what you long to do. Priestess and Magician. All Divine and Holy. Sentience as rule. Observe the holy spirit of we as every self is but our tool. Be faithful and keep it cool.


(SNSD: The Boys)

     Sexual propriety. Known to me is myself, the voice of my heart speaks and I understand well enough to represent myself and know what I am offering to reality. The hearts many different tones demand that I express myself to reality just so less my needs go unfulfilled for lack of being aware and awake. Needs cry and must ask for help. Giving laughs and celebrates joy to be shared. I would know me if I really cared, if I don't care then no other should be here by my side. She must be her husband before being any mans bride as the same holds true on the opposite side. I must hear me to vocalize rightly in the name of love.


(Toni Braxton: He Wasn't Man Enough For Me)

     Sexual propriety. I know I stand for nothing I profess other than my Chi radiance as this is what I am. Darkness needing light, Light opposing the dark. My confession of self is what I feel based upon what is. I can not lie as, by my other, the truth is felt on some level, if not, it is seen. What falsehood could redeem me? My love is the truth that saves me. Intuitively "whats wrong"? We search each other our lives long living this bliss. A kiss that never touched the lips. Human concern. Being concerned with humanity.


(Bjork: Human Behavior)

     Sexual Propriety. I regard myself in the highest and equate your worth and value as a human life to be my equal. I serve Life diligently, investigating what it means to be you. To be me. Humanity! Our bliss! That which only a blind fool without love and living a life loveless could miss. I dream it as holy in the highest and know no competition for to compete is degradation of the greatest truth inside and out. We shout. We are life and all we are about.


(The Cranberries: Pretty)

     Sexual Propriety. I know Desire is the subjective expression of my power, my ability to encourage change, my ability to glorify and arrange. Negatively my ability to claim. A trap if not mindfully meditated into the appropriate, most beneficial expression. I claim not glory but my desire its self and direct it through will towards a decent objective. No person is mine to be had as property and I will not squander me in attempting to claim ownership of freedom. Instead I let desire sing the objective; I wish to glorify! I mind me and let me be free of a tool that works for others as it was intended to. I breath with your inspiration and raise you up never neglecting sacred self and selflessness. For freedom shall be maintained. I struggle to own nothing.


(Jessica Simpson: Irresistible)

     Sexual Propriety. All that is is this one life to live and it is this that is the only charity, in truth, that I have to give. I will not squander me on self glorifying self gratification, instead I will live for the OUR benefit and consider always what was, is, and will be best for us entirely. Liberation! I do not promote ignorance vainly, rather I strive to encourage what is healthiest, what is most transcendent for every human alive so that we may continue to prosper flourish and thrive. Why just survive? Lessons are taught beyond the hold of time, we know better if we choose to understand as truly as our ancestors gave their all through labors of meditative thought and hand. Who better to base our development on than the fathers and mothers whose love was as vast as would be the number of a deserts counted grains of sand. I live to labor for the greatest truth. Amen Elohim.


(Tina Turner: I Don't Want to Fight)

     Sexual propriety. At peace and liberated is free to fly, love can lift each person so high. My life is my reason why, dynamic beyond conceptualization; this revelation is a testimony of every person that is, beyond label. The lesson in the fable is "judge not", his or her story is Gods glory teaching each mind to praise however it can or will. Whats real is that no one ever knew, knows, or will know though prophecy will be and be a dream unfathomable. Reasonable glorification is found in true realization. Song of a nation, "may no life be made to feel discounted" is a point accentuated here. May God bless America and bring Its people near.


(Mr. Mister: Broken Wings)

     Sexual propriety. Living a life not left behind I am a remnant of the dreaming mind divine as the trinity is all that is: life that loves, honors, respects, contemplates and gives. What is mine? What is his? Labor! The life that for life lives.


(Ani Defranco: Glass House)

Narcissus Beyond Freudian.(Metric Haiku) Loves glory true my resolute standing. Founded in "most beautiful" I will not trade fulfillment for frivolous pleasure. The still pond reflects heavens paradise.

A Whores Diamond Sermon.

(Lady Mary Magdalene)

     Through the self we serve as slaves, through selflessness we are freed, let the self serve reality and not the limited I so that the self will be liberated into the "all" that is which is all that gives the self a reason for being, and in consideration of the limited I, a greater reason for not being. Amen-Ra Elohim Amen.

     Christ offers thee freedom from sin that exist by virtue of animal nature in the heart of every human. This freedom is a baptismal cleansing that frees thee from the desires of the limited and worldly I, which seeks only self gratification and serves only the animal graven image in humanity like worshiping a golden calf. Once you are cleansed you will have no desire and will be free to serve the whole of Gods creation as you, in truth, are best suited; but be warned, though you are free from sin you are not free from karma until you truly transcend and as the world dictates you must pay for what the world considers to be your crimes. Even Paul found himself in prison like Christ earned himself a cross. Liberation from "crime" exist in faith; though the world condemns, my faith counter condemns and sets me free to continue to be as the Lord of all creation dictates. Neither small nor large, neither this nor that, I am a moment in time moving into the next moment. Attempting to teach and to benefit every moment that is as best as I can is all that I am and can be. Mine life is offered to reality to be what ever it is that reality does see and this is my lesson to thee; I am and will be NO THING and yet will be until the manifest has no more need for me; the same is true for all of we. Amen

     You think and yet your thoughts are not your own, but are the Holy spirit that is thee expressing its self to creation through the medium of what you only seem to be; a self. All that is painful all that harms thee is a lesson to all of we about the obligation presented to us from the beginning about respecting God in all of what was, is, and shall come to be. Holy is such a chronological trinity that must be closely observed analytically for benefit of liberating we into divinity. An obligation, thus the implementation of laws, ethics, virtues, commandments, morals, dogma and true freedom of these through evolving Faith as each lesson is learned and the Spirit of God is burned into the psyche. May only the truth of every matter grow within thee. Amen.

     A young man once said to me "you are not that, that is just were you are right now in reality". No Thing more true than this could be. Although seemingly a paradox it is the truth of all of we, for as extensions of Gods glory we can not limit God by being its willed manifestation in any way realistically, for as God wills, it will be and that is all. Ask when you look at me or any other person "what is Gods message to me about its self in thee" and you liberate your self by seeking to find, and remain a peace keeper by judging not but only contemplate the divine in all that is and lives. Heavenly opportunity. Amen Elohim Amen.

     And life always gives as it lives. A tongue like a double edged sword and the Lady of the Lake. Spirit war is a war for peace, practice and contemplate so as not to hate the eternal war that must be for benefit of all of Gods great majesty. Meditate to mediate and transcend the war to fight it. Mans judgement is never the infinite true and this truth is defined by the limited I that is with the life that lives always for benefit of transmission. Amen, Elohim, Amen.


One rhythm so exquisite as this deserves only one word to describe its radiation; there is no such articulation so uncanny that it fits the feel real of the truth that is this enchantment. Passion and power tenderly mold the rampant throbs of this hearts breathing beating burning that in, and for just one moment, it seems, could stop the Earth's perfect turning for benefit of a grander experience by far. Free from the scar that is the mundane world, the soul becomes jubilant for all shadows fall into hiding curled like cowards afraid of Life and Light; thus it is that we should delight in Rumis glance as rightly and innocently as birds taking flight through the clear blue. Do as the spirit beckons thee do and move into bliss with the lover chosen like a mindless fool, for even a heart broken is a heart living, and better used than one that stays safe and so stone cold that it has not to do. Yeah the soul can not be tolled for all is life wisdom like running waters nourishing who? Everybody.

Amen Elohim Amen.

Angels of Men?

  • Servants of the higher than worldly identified by a passion for the spiritual education that constitutes their psycho-spiritual makeup and their reason for being and acting. Unbiased and free of prejudice they act according to the dictates of greatest good and strive to inspire exactly this; they are not political agents with worldly agendas, rather they are the inspiration for and maintainers of the "Sacred Way".  
  • At peace with all of creation and driven by purpose which inspires right action they encourage like in their fellows through the transmission of wisdom and understanding rewarded to them by education and time.  
  • Being the evolution of all of the human worlds ancestors they honor our history by encouraging the genius of the past to live on and grow into greater through them while freeing themselves from past error and ignorance.  
  • Evolution should be inspired by right and good practice for right and good change as surely as we are the co-manifestors of the divine that is Alpha and Omega; our evolution is exactly this.  
  • Humble mindful awareness of unavoidable interconnection and interaction with all should be observed and practiced when contemplating action that will affect in a manner that can not be changed by even "forgiveness" or "letting go"; justice is unavoidable.  
  • When contemplating the "Sacred" it is good to consider the dynamics of human individuality, the human social spirit, and environmental interconnection.  
  • Peace shall encourage prosperity while purpose inspires right action; an understanding of ignorance and enlightenment (what we free ourselves from and obtain) will inspire each.  
  • Propriety and codes of conduct or ethics are essential to religious and spiritual practice yet can only be empowered by "Individuals" who understand them,  practice them, and can properly teach them.  
  • Everyone as everything teaches something about all that is. Practice with open eyes and ears for all is aspect of the "Holy" and the essence of "Divine". All life gives the self selflessly to life. Death is the servant of selfless. Self often distorts world view and is in every respect temporary while the effect of self is eternal.  
  • It is ideal to be the embodiment (as much as possible) of selfless individually as this makes room for undistorted understanding of all that is of this manifestation. War (general, rape, abortion, domestic, religious and political rivalry ect..) is the bi-product of self distorted world views being ignorantly or meditation-lessly empowered. To be free of this is ideal and requires extensive education and proper practice on every humans behalf.  
  • War is the effect of ignorant individuals being aware of power and maybe power dynamics but are unaware of selfless interconnection and our ethical or moral obligation to higher learning and practice. Be at peace to encourage rightly.Stand rightly against ignorance that will make war unavoidable as war is the product of ignorance. Loathe the war while mourning the encourager's of war who are selves as individual humans and lifeforms. Love your enemies and heal their effects with exaction of situationally proper counter activity.
  • Glory the entirety to forever be free of microcosm isolate and honor sacred self no matter the torment or adversity.

Amen Elohim. Amen.

Created by Western Twilight