Development of Identity? Into Ethos?

Evolution Flowing?

The Father is the dream, the entirety, inspired by the spirit. The son is the manifestation, and manifestationist of the father, as. The spirit is the all encompassing brilliance affected by the son for and as the father who is the dream dreaming and being dreamt. All is of God divine and is its divinity. Forever it shall be for it is Holy humanity becoming its own heaven or hell for humanity. Dreaming, designing, influencing... Amen.

Humanitarians Scorned?

     History has educated transcendentally? Tomorrow has not but decay, if it is we (Mason, Catholic, Christian, Mormon, Muslim, Jew, Satanist, Buddhist and on. . .) whom move into tomorrow? Of my solution you may all feel free to borrow... Individuation? The children are perfect? Amen.

     Broken (by/for(?) mental faculties that have been traumatized unto perverse formulations philosophizing; the future is no doubt worth greater than us as every seed sown to grow into such, though rivaled by the birthing, is enchanted to awe? Protecting this nature with education upon it I reason to be the key to human kinds success? Being available to discourse on every facet of reality until reality is mastered so much as it will allow it be, its self deity, is the sole role of elders whom must logically determine what must metaphysically stay and go for the benefit of children? Past this all is left in their hands and so it is so that both, elders and children, should know the fear of God our infinite beyond every mortal husk? May transcendent wisdom guide. Amen.

Left Behind for Benefit of Humanity?

     Humanitarianism? America is a beguiling defense built on top of a church called "Thorns" (Exorcist:The Beginning)? Without such a defense we are left to what we are... self glorifying abominations? Isolated microcosms deceived away from realization of this truth by the womb of "cult"? Underdeveloped mental and spiritual retards chained to our idiocy per sentimental attachment to?.. Indeed we must loath highest sentience suffering this insult but how? Slit the throat of the voice that inspires recognition?  Or free ourselves from the devil of tarot, our ignorance; so much more humiliating than the question? Highest sentience after all should see and embrace its own "humanity"; self, and other as human equal? Cult encourages only the embracing of delusional self condemning other as inferior in spite of (that) self? Lincoln, our greatest president, likened this phenomenon to "mob" mentality and professed it rightly the destruction of America? A big enough "mob" need not be considerate of humanity for power blinding its eyes? God help these victims of limitation. Never knowing how they betray the glory they themselves protest of themselves by not being open to seeing the reality of every proclaimed "enemy" as self though (perhaps) encrypted by Babel, our towers of tarot? AMEN.

     Therefore we see quite clearly what we must transcend? Our own suffering slight in our own eyes? An impossibility for we being who we are? Cultist. Yet our children are the perfection we demanded of one and other ignorantly, blindly? They are what our aspirations sought to become and failed to maintain? Let our eyes behold correction; we finally free of ourselves by refusing to transmit our injury inspired insanity into tomorrow. We can die and live... or die. Mathematics already the friend of the mind, should make us delighted to be buried for our off springs delight. AMEN.

All the Kings Horses.

Paramatman, Paramatman, Paramatman, search out the rightness of Lord Ganesas to nourish all the seeds of my every deed in my every past. Give me right justice now and make of me one who is free from my debt and my debtors so that this cyclonic frenzy of perpetual hell will not last past me breathing my last. St Michael lord of scales, he who does balance to judge; remove from reality my every Karmic stain, neither here nor their, inside or out let there remain any grudge. Pure white in my light shine now and forevermore, release me from this overwhelming mixture of ignorance abandoning radiance for the wealth of the faithless whore. Father help me endure, and totally adore, my suffering in total measure for freedom from me is the only way that I will finally know of heavens pleasure. May I adore all the more. Amen Elohim Amen. To heaven I implore. AMEN.

Developmental Pathology?

     Jesus said to them, "Have you never read in the Scriptures: "'The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone; the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes'?


Respect (right perception)
Passive Meditation (introspection)
Active Meditation (planning)
Remembering (honoring growth)
In the end all of value is memory? What is it that we have written to be every mans redemption? Cosmos Encryption?  Did we fail to mention what thine entirety did encode? So bold the ice cold that does maim the vain sad to proclaim "precious me!"? Divinity an all encompassing trinity profound. Amen Elohim, Amen.

     We wish to die? We want to transition into transcendent and become greater than the current reality? Heaven? Ironically I am forced to agree with the "pop psychologists" and promote that human nature is the key that unlocks that door? Law is who we are from the first to the last breath and/or man? Appreciation the meter that measures the practice of every individual? Faith in cause versus identities value the master of our works; to be humble like the nature, or humiliated? All dynamic unto faith in awe being all that is left? Save the children.

     Human nature is appreciative and therefore docile? Being inquisitive, mathematical genius so fragile we see defense is a tool mind must meter and work against for benefit of the nature? Intricately defined in the "Law of Moses" the patriarch has rightly encouraged we to empower right temperament individually and sociologically, democratically? Yet our infinite does humiliate all self glory no matter the blessings bestowed?  Indeed he giveth and taketh away... Thus our quest and questions are more of maintaining than establishing? Still a completely developmental and evolutionary reality. Amen.

"Freudian Fool."

So determined to be
A graven image 
Of perfection
You can not 
Even embrace
The perfection
That is?
Like "homosexuals"
Incarnate as the promised 
Living the hell
It generates
In "gives"
For such psycho-dynamic
From trauma,
As for,
Less all of Eden 
Be failed
And the only ship sailed
Be the destruction
Of human life.
Graven image having its way
Is a whore made
Of mother
And wife
Though any human 
Would be thus inspired;
"Strife for strife!"
As with Dinah Of Genesis?
Shall we dismiss this call
From peaceful appreciation's
Highest intonation 
Romantic love?
And from the heavens
Came down the dove?
Amen Elohim, Amen.
(Tina Turner: Whats Love Got To Do With It)

     Present yourselves to one and other as children, the fulfillment of the law ever empowered by the fear of God? Therefore you judge not, you do not determine of another, but for the benefit of only? Freedom to empower the law is freedom from the law? Transcendent, never beguiling, as the law is the incarnate nature; a yoke so lite for trauma being a burden we are relieved of? This defines our practice as humanitarian spiritualist?

     Appreciate the self and other as? Each blessed with identical ability and individual languages that empower we to empower macrocosmic identity despite the finite? Laboring for another enables the self, as every self is the infinite born as perfect completion in reflection? The meek give reason to the strong and of strength partake? The strong are humiliated by meek and so partake of humble humanity free from the hold, the blind, power can encourage? All worth and honor given can fall to trash if not appreciated?

     Sentience is always aware of self? Age indeed has an advantage only age can translate? Youth an isolated glory shedding its skin slowly, with patience? Vigilance present to identify opportunity to metaphysically and metaphorically inspire the ancient before it becomes? Less it becomes! The crone forever laughing at herself? Wisdom's transcendental nature overcoming self's folly and freeing from, if truly wise? Share not your wisdom in suffering, share your wisdom in understanding so that self, humanity, might overcome? Charity. What would I rival for we? Me? The cost but the vain imaginations of self glory and a return to youth? Amen.

(Fear of God for exaction too defined?)

Desperation Drive?

     Religious practicing of the nature is most essentially paired with the conscious disciplining of the defensive mechanism as religious practice encourages perfect temperament in we whom are the incarnation of perfected harmony? All mental illness that is not biologically founded, in fact, can be attributed to individual shortcomings religiously as absent mindedness can not master but only cope? Coping in man, like all mental illness perceived, is identified by the presence of the disturbance titled sadomasochism?

     Perfected harmony? Our three cosmic forces (destructive, creative, and neutralizing) made sentience aware and willful? Self Directed? Temperance of St. Michael bound to bind the untamed? Fate made fact as deity?

    Failure to achieve self mastery is weighted with consequences most visibly portrayed in those whom we refer to as addicts? Dependency is the lesser issue, no matter societal ignorance, as repetitive introduction to traumatic injury (even psycho-dynamic injury) establishes what I refer to as the "Desperation Drive". Indeed it is this "drive" that promotes the illusion of "dependency" as it is the path of the perpetual "downward spiral" of the "passive aggressive"?

Desperation consumes unto insane.
Vanity of only self to be cared for is that which encourages we maim?
Holy trinity appreciated?

     Enemies of God? The establishment of the Desperation Drive (unless altruistically metered?) to any degree protest mental illness unappreciative of existence and life? These perverse mentalities, for being unrealistic, profess themselves as a threats to self and other for standing as violations against human life as the unreasonably defensive? Thus the importance of the introduction to these realities at the beginning; acknowledging such an establishment in self or other is of the highest importance in safeguarding Gods appreciated manifestation? Amen.

     Thou shalt not murder? Only the desperately depraved can practice such rape as murder? Forgiveness being an insult you may defend against these by any means, forgiveness constructive a civilized mans preference, though reality may permit no such activity? Still only these whom, in all the ill that is "self centered" inspiring the evolution of desperation's altruism ( an opposite and equally destructive force?) may be defended against? Individual and social acknowledgment of both is essential? The evolution of either begins at the first moment of interaction? Amen.

"His and Her Homoerotic Place?"

Masculine Prowess...
Invest only into 
The face that jest
Sentient beyond 
Sleeping rest?
Neither she
Nor thee?
Unaware of even thine self
Whatever could another be?
Or become?
The numb less erratic dumb
Of the hum drum
That keeps
A tormented beast to violent peeps?
May the human soul
That true weeps
Say not a thing...
Much of the strain and drain
Is inspired by the pain
Of this vain
Breaking your heart?
Sacrament lost to rejection
Of the beloved fellow...
The start from the start
Of rigormortis
Ripping self and society
Tormentingly apart?
Reflections of mind...
In marriage?
Stroll the bastard
In a carriage
To grab the alimony checks
For the wrecks made of home...
From here
Holy Divinity has flow
For we not keeping all such in mind?
Dogma a tramp...
Mindful practice best 
Religiously defined.
Self metered to math
And logically timed.
(Sarah McLachlan: Angel.)

     Encouraged by traumatic injury of either the physiological or psycho-dynamic sorts (each effecting one and other for the individual being a fully integrated "one") the Desperation Drive is like a weed that must be plucked from the garden of being on both individual and sociological scales? Thus religion and law respectively? We can indeed consider the evolution of such in the identity of man to be a self motivating downward spiral; or a heavenly identity falling from grace into the world of perpetual torment? Amen.

     Appearing first as the Jungian shadow the aliment is what can be considered civilized sadomasochism that can further progress into extreme psychotic psychosis inhumane? Serial killers fostered from birth are the perfect portrayal of this development claiming the human being? Guarded so adamantly by grief and misery (that has been environmentally empowered) theneglected unto retarded human spark is isolated untill suicidal, anti-life, pursuits are all that remains of the human identity for Karma absolutely dominating the higher sentient faculties? Indeed such persons express themselves with the language of symbolic extroversion, appearing to the sane as carnal animals? All the children of humanity no matter race or creed? Amen.


I am divine betrayal,
Loyal to uncertainty,
Safe in my way;
I do not believe in humanity,
For I am what has been made of the clay.
I trusted you completely,
So you are entitled to fault.
Faithless as I am always,
I know that you do not care,
For of love you know not.
Can you make this blind man see?
Did you ever hear my plea?
Perhaps that is why I did betray you most beautiful one,
You did always fail me.

"The Church of the Sea."

     Due to the human beings defensive mechanism (negative emotions ever forcefully charged with a beguiling voice; once the pipes of heaven.(?)) and the coping mechanism (also defensive(?)) sadomasochism (that enables persons to endure the inhumane, inside and out(?))the decent into being desperation driven seems exhilarating and pleasurable to persons with limited knowing? Such indeed is how the perpetual fall from the wombs grace is reinforced into an identity cosmic becoming isolated microcosm insane? All illusion as true health and wellness, so much as pleasure, exist only with the genuine docile identity? The theatrical (Plath) is a sociological reinforcement that further blinds unto this insane? Meditation as prescribed by Moses is the greatest means of liberating the identity and self from animal into human our right legacy? AMEN.

Divine Fluidity of Transitional Self.

Divine fluidity of transitional self.
In delusion naturally dwells;
Beyond the ignorance and confusion of delusion;
A divine longing for freedom of the self
From the self.
History is either or's health
And all that karmic-ally is,
Is not but egotistical stealth
Acting as sociological wealth
Unless freedom from the all selfish animal identity or self
Is acquired beyond
And what is seemingly natures world,
Into all that is heavenly.
In innocence this is all that has been
And shall be again and again.
Beyond sin. 

     Woe for the vain imaginations, all these delusions, we entertain? Adrenaline as inspired by the unpleasant inhumane is like? Tis a democratic call that from such karma we refrain and rename all logic unto beneficent? Magnificent the mind that, by dictate of divine,  did define transcendent liberation. May we be human enough for we? Amen.

     Therefore the importance of appropriating the defensive mechanism mathematically? However the difficulty that is such a task can not be undermined? Even though the physical being can be protected to great degree by the vigilant, the intellectual and emotional aspects of being must be organized by the individual identity often unaware? Still more detrimental than this fact is the tapestry of infinite dynamics that must be fathomed and easily overwhelms the much more fragile and sensitive aspects of being? Like unto a war time reality for a creature not evolved for such animalism is often all our frustration, our confusion, encourages for a docile species? All of disarray and cluttered illogical sacrilegious disharmony? Amen.

     Conscious mediation of what must logically be defended against? Realizing that the emotional aspect of identity is the bridge between mind and body and, like the body, is incapable of logical analysis and determination is essential? Often we defend insanely for ignorance being the upbringing bestowed by the social environment? We indulge when we should defend per the sadomasochistic coping mechanism? Worse still we often have no awareness of our ability to appropriate? Thus right religion as most required by humans in childhood? Woe to all political harlotry that denies unto the "Whore Babylon" suffering the blame for extinction rightly? Amen.


Have you focused so intently on the microcosm of the sacred self,
that you have forgotten to explore
and evaluate
the macrocosm of sacred reality.
How isolated and alone you must be.
What a tragedy I see,
this most precious and valuable you,
forgetting to be nourished,
and to nourish,
the trinity of all times majesty.
The I,
the we,
the world,
then all.
In you heart you hear them call,
the sound of many waters,
making one voice.
The truth of your soul demanding,
that you make the right choice.
The Hermit makes the path,
the Hierophant keeps the temple,
the Papas and Magician,
are the minds and intentions of the people.
And all of these are yours
to use as you see fit.
Is there a flaw in your perceptions?
Then you must acknowledge,
and enlighten these deceptions,
with extensive study
that empowers passion and wit.
For every moment is a demand, 
and with wisdom you must guide,
yourself across the ocean,
so learn the current and tide.
In truth you will find your way
so in truth truly abide.
Be rectified,
yes be allied
with the holy divine as its tool.
As in the beginning you were, 
and in the end will be,
this wondrous jesting fool.
Telling life its story to its self,
the one who gives it a reason why,
the maker of,
and the fulfill-er of 
life's purpose.
Songs of birds.
Let us sing sky high.
Tell us why.

Democratic Communism.

What is it to be mindful of effect? To appreciate all and in every moment elect most humane selflessly? Holy our trinity? The entirety we are? The basis of all law from which we are advised to stray never too far?

"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." Abraham Lincoln

     The collective archetype is an idea derived from pagan cosmologies which in essence are mathematical mappings of this infinitely dynamic manifestation "reality"? Considering this we unravel the Celtic Knot subordinated to causality (so animal)  and begin orchestrating the Celtic Knot of "consciously tempered" unto most "humanely beneficial" as such is mathematically our highest trust. Encouraging awareness of commonality in both respects (causality/conscious) is the endeavor of democratic communism as it is with all humanitarian based religions; therefore all religions per human origin...




     We would be but fools to fathom that this blatant stupidity exercised should continue. The venue is religion forsaking the blood that lives like politics removing from humane? Lame instead of the crane waiting for the most benevolent time for right action? Propriety?

     Satisfaction in fact is a matter of civility in practice. I am whom I govern for benefit of? And then effect? Democratic reality is, by nature, communist! As in every moment we elect, per our level of understanding to empower per our level of understanding? Reprimanding of course encourages we to master karma? A socio-political idea evolving in policy?

     Practice? As the law does see... is a matter of transcendental identification with all of this cosmic identity? Interconnected inter-exchange is totality of the matter in what we will to be educationally then perpetually as is describe by the trinity? Never, however, in we, (per the temporal) can a single identity be. Only god is free as the sum we inspire consciously or dire. What and why is the fire? Extinguished beneficent or raging flames. Here is ours beyond all of our names. Amen.

     A life shared with the loveless depraved, a life a victim of rape, might most rightly personify our need to address the constitutionality of the social stratum; and better criticize  how we direct the evolution of such governmentally. The violent sadistic and masochistic insanity inspired, reinforced and perpetuated by (this subhuman governing agency) sexual abuses of course shall become the condemnation of the nation for many more reasons than international reputability and is only avoided through "humanitarian propriety". Such is  to be instilled at the youngest ages?

     Therefore the federalization of the educational system and subordination of cultural and religious authorities is rightly advised to the United States. It is only in the right upbringing of the future that we would avoid international calamity for indecent shame defaming the people and avoid the exaggeration of such in the violent outburst of the serial psychotics and sociopaths? Themselves a threat unto hitlerian?

     America already a ruin in the minds of the most devoted patriots does boast the accuracy of my thinking so much as it does distort the thinking of even these? Should we fail to rightly address the situation there is no future for the most promising of every nation for failure to maintain our humanitarian excellence. We should not ignorantly avoid the governmental practices of our neighbors per bias as humanity is fame and democracy is our practice? Let not intellectual inclinations fail us less the whole of the species become a degraded lot.


Constitutional Stupidity?!

Foundation of ones means toward intellectualization
An unrealistic insanity
Mathematical absurdity
Near carnal profanity?

Separate the self
The practice that encourages evolution
From reality?
Blaming causality
For realizations stealth?

Mob mentality?
Cultist morality?
Raping and murdering every child?

Holy thine fellow man?
Love thine neighbor?

Yet the flavor is
Towers of Babel?
So uncivilized wild?

No person into Scrabble
Brain-dead masses cant figure it out!

A justice so mild...

In the long run.

So so my doctor
I speak only for sadistic fun?

Your reality my humanitarian weapon...
Against your reality?

Psycho-dynamic duality
As fate did force me to survive?

Yet I would have better even for you?
Therefore the commune is alive?

And we do thrive
Our comedy relief...

So so the thief...

Tori Amos - Talula.


Psycho-political establishment?

Always the perfecting of man,
In obligation towards grace?

Highest of all cultural ambitions
To be...
More than the painting
Of the face?

Through an understanding
Of temporal
And instigation
Of every state?
Fostered early on?

Pure a religious right?
Also the hands of fate?

Defensive propriety
The going rate
Of betrayed extinct?

All evolution does command!

And commands
A spiritual

The Karma
In Saint Michael?
In man?

The writer of even
An ends evolution?

Of physics?

Ever Gods aiding hand?

Our butterfly effect?

Amen Elohim, Amen.
"Clothing of Sun and Sky."
Created by Western Twilight