Politics Eternal. Individual Choice.

Filling With?
Jungian Ethos.

     Thine life begotten of (?) is our love begotten of life nourished by the Ambrosia peace, that was and is our religion? Such venom within them? I have not begotten of blood a child for to give wine or bread to the carnal is an offense dual and wild? Child? Is it that you appreciate your fame? Right precepts may foster? Claim only wills tame as choice?! Is it this "all" that is the master of thine voice? Thine Godhood eternal never thine "all" its self? Will be done! Thine health?! Animal!?  The carnal of cannibal refusing intelligence as wealth? None are other than the stones? Stolen your eyes with stealth! I serve?

     Every moment the diamond of eternal? It has been said to me that Democracy is two wolves and a sheep determining what to have for dinner by republican christians even though true democracy is epitomized in the "constitutional" "Ten Commandments" of Moses (whose fame is shamed by us breathing such obscenities), when mindfully and/or maturely practiced? An exercising of genuine identity and/as self organized unto transcendent? Aware.

     Persons must learn true person-hood before right democratic endeavor can be entertained? They must know the self as a conglomerate of myriad variables orchestrated to an end? Fathoming variables external for what reason? The value of every man but a misery and grievance offensive is the duty of the swine hearder whom may be apt to consider the sea a better keeper of filth? Global warming? A testament?

     Vicious, the spirit of idiocy is seemingly untreatable as it is the seed sown in one to many of our children. We the people only ensure community through the concept of "we" moderated to the maintaining thereof? The selfish of the physiologically consumed, our towers of tarot, can only serve this retardation it is; that one alone has no nation per the vulgarity made of nurture? The self important whores of Freudian psychosis wild, uncivilized and unfounded; of these there is little to question of "why" the glory of ancients seems primitive? As you judge? Underdeveloped and striving for cornerstones of structure? Humanity ever the misunderstood science project of madness holding nukes (that have made the whole globe a prison, officer?) perpetuating retardation that doesn't grow whilst screaming itself a teacher? The future dead?

     Relational consideration is the essence of all religious practice? Cause and effect? When your glory is your keep you have only the self driven mad to thank for that void, never to be filled? You consider no other and the life that lives? The fruit of the tree? The glory of your people uprooted to become decencies timber. Every moment eternal?

     Alas you most likely have no mind for the matter whilst I pitied the rapist and end his line? The mark of the beast a conglomerate of sub-cultures aborted so that right mind can be. Humanitarian endeavor is right religious mentality empowering. Amen.


Earthly practices,
Of constitutional right?
To keep
The philosophical ethos
Alive past plight?
All is grafted in?
Freedom of religion
A Venus Fly Trap?
A call to European massacres;
God bless Joseph Smith
As humility
While atrocity
The ignorant still defend.
Shall we begin,
With our pentagram,
To set all persons free?
To late
For far too many
Whom are forever
A curse against
Our boast of propriety,
Persons living
Sane lives?
Loving humanity
Beyond our Feudal?
The savior in nature
That liberates Moses
From night's slights,
Our ignorance...
Communist rightly?
Amen Elohim, Amen.
(Tori Amos: God)

American Night per Overtaxed?  (The color of my politics?)

     To view America as the light of the world is a very tempting notion for obvious reasons; rights, liberties, freedoms of, and sometimes even justice. Yet the harsh reality is that America is a government for the people by the people and speaking from  the standpoint of being very aware of what the American people are it grieves me to inform the world that such a notion is little more than a vain, ignorant, imagination with no real existence. As a teenager I grew sick with the presence of almost all of my fellows? Men had no respect for women, race and racism was disgustingly the most focused upon aspect of life (really? what about God?), and gang or mob mentality was glorified as the highest of all glories to exist (terrorism)? Needless to say I loathed the American  people for the most part long before I was raped by a young man named John Lively who topped off my disgust with him being alive at all! Still I prayed, meditated, and attempted to be as decent a human being as I could though I suffered from post traumatic stress and was a victim of a terrorist attack (I recall a female after 911 saying "they did it they attacked US" and have to laugh at such a gross thought)?

     Later I realized that all that I had been taught as a child was a lie? America was just another nation of one sided extremist and offered very little promise to the world, sad but true; we for the most part are little more than despots wanting to rob all civilizations in the world of their right to grow as liberated and free societies for benefit of some vain self glorification? It pains me greatly to say this for the old romantic beliefs still linger but the truth must be told and faced, "WE ARE NOT CIVILIZED ENOUGH AS A PEOPLE TO LEAD THE WORLD IN ANY RESPECT"? Such is seen in the victims of our so many crimes against one and other? How can we lead any other nation when we don't even respect ourselves and our own people? America is a hell going there. I could speak of much more but this little bit of my one story is enough to shed some light. Maybe we could learn from other nations if we let them grow, we need to leave them alone and focus on educating our own. Poor little John needed so much help people... some ones son is a sick rapist? Should we not work to save ours and let the world be? Amen.

Another Dark Night.

Again the memories stir, most appropriately re-inspiring the pain and grief that always come with them. Just another mutilated being satisfying the pursuits of the mutilators. I'll bet their happy and content being free from conviction. I have been damned as not even touch touches me. Frozen. Loveless. Venomous. Untill the end when justice might be served.
Dawns Light in Mind.

Sure that my intentional investments do not estrange me from entirety, the whole that every identity belongs to, I move in a more humble fashion in seeking to understand; never permitted to be defensive for no reason, to be insane. All that can shall... Only against physical detriment, which mental illness causes, should I be on guard. Per spiritual, Lucifer, Nemesis, is mental illness, or ill begotten, causing strife; therefore I mind myself introspectively, I clean my internal space and plan interaction according to what awareness knows of as greatest good. Every human life is sacred, every human life is holy, nothing is separated from God our reality; every feeling, every thought, has great meaning and should be embraced with the same guard earlier mentioned. Preaching reiteration... Organization is not control, it is cultivation, shepherding, a gentle encouraging through logic of the best; organization is not a tormenting stress but my ability to be a blessing. Toil is never external though its true nature may be, through fellows, a calamity; it is an indwelling defensive spirit that should never reign as master and mold human affairs... Current state of the social stratum? Cultural evolution takes us where? Only God and deity would care, all else would just be and in man perhaps be mistaken.

     Loveless endurance of a life screaming is all that the mindless promote. Social issues made of extremely personal matters is an obscenity that the civilized would not tolerate kindly; unlike the animal that celebrates the combative warfare inspired. Personal choice according to the ability Karma and nurture have empowered however is a political orientation, though more metaphysical than social? Therefore I approach the essence I am enraged to acknowledge for my fellows making of it a condemnable vulgarity. Pardon how disgust no doubt desires to taint my expression with lower than the mindless, as I am aware. Amen.

*    No medical procedure is any outsiders business. Your filthy low minded swine to fathom otherwise. Reasoning that inspires medical aid however should always promote the well being of the individual and must be understanding of medical effect on body and mind for benefit of such promotion. The politics that encourage decision should be considerate of well being totally which includes the effect you have on the eternity and entirety you are? There is no condemnation in striving to thrive and live a greater life alive but strive always alludes to struggle? How best does your individual person stand to the challenge? Other options or better routes for you metaphysically may exist? How do you choose to grow and inspire growth? The song of combat is unwell? Only overcoming is beneficial. Be meditative?

*    Second of the most personal issues made tragic mockery is intimate, sensual, romantic encounters? Why a whole nation has forced its self into my bed is beyond me? I prefer to sleep alone most commonly yet I suppose I have no choice in the matter? Even your children, as I grew with them, were grievances I despairingly accepted and never embraced? Why you turn intimacy into abomination is greater than I but I do mindfully advise healthiest encouragement of disposition that is rivaled by such rape. The body is personal and love a blessing blessed by peace? How loathsome it is to fathom your children's lives void of glorification highest? Traded for a hell of self defense made a supercharged inferno per political, mob, empowerment? Media hype hypocrisy of morons detestable.

     Minister, if abomination is to be all by all means think nuke? A trash this life lived attempting to aid the ill offspring not my own and by neither of us (obviously) loved. A rare blessing is that chaste deity? Is this why your children live below the waist like affliction unto the studious? Patience a virtue. Thus the glory of alone.


     (Why these social encouragements? Meditative peace is an essential prescription for the trauma victim and most all medical procedures entail traumatic injury; all in their own right? To rival the patients overcoming is counter productive, cruel and inhumane? Please... talk to me never of your God of peace love and life Vicar. Such seems your face lift where as for many its a job, and for me a mission?

     The latter proclamation is composed for obvious reason. Super hyped sexuality is delusional idiocy that considers next to nothing of the totality? Manhood is as much a matter of mind as it is genitalia? Is there any blood in your brains gentlemen? Ladies? Then why profess your mathematical distress as God alone? Perhaps more than the women need to be silent at mass?)

Cosmos Encryption?

Cypher events illogical, the chronological loss of moment to void of "whats there"? Everywhere in a breath? Effect of the cleft lip condemned per extremist terror. Mon Fuhrer my barrier the insane is media hype heavier than all we have wrought? "Keep them in line"! Forever the bought faggots of social inclination broken. Prophecy spoken to be woken to the comedy of play? Loves shadow thick I applaud madly to pray them away, abominations heresy per se, the display of a cowards desperate want; maybe need? Of the sown seed? The greed of Catholic propriety and its fecal limitations? Such negations suffered? The mind that thinks? Nay! Just the voice that speaks though it weeps for every one lost? Cruel monkeys throwing shit! Great indeed the cost! Humanity! All of our divine? Searching every scape for what ever peace of mind I can find or refine. The only crime is wasted time. Idle. Amen.
God Smack.

*     Equality is quite simply the ultimate reality for all of humanity. Temporary state of being, per temporary, is the illusion that differentiates; further frustrating sentient identities of microcosmic constitution? A state developmental education, for being proactive, can help a person transcend? Disposition as healthy or unhealthy is all that distinguishes one from another both of which are subject to individual choice so far as Karma and nurture have empowered? The former more subject to the latter than the ill can believe? Like diseases of body psychosis is a consuming torment? Myriad illusion is the Chaos Complexity? (This, for being a genuine health issue that affects all is a legitimate political issue.)

Toxic Drugs

The drug wars. Listen to your natures, your being wants to suffer no more. Oblivious to reality is balanced by being paranoid! "I have been violated and betrayed by me!" What does such a Judas make of we. Look to the ghetto to see. Lashing out from the dark deity Grief and her brother Misery: them both made greater for our using destructive substances destructively. Mindlessly making me all the more mindless. Lost and forgotten is love and kindness only to be replace by exploitation, slavery, and rape! The trap is the escape as the fowls of the air wait to devour those for whom we true do care. Ourselves! Proving only that they are weak as they care not. Addiction is a thought and theory when my reality screams freely save me from it and them. All that needs to be heard has been. Sacred self! Abandoned. Degraded. For benefit a beings fading health, a demon moving with stealth robbing reality of every blessing and heavenly wealth. My self, myself, speaking for all of the world to see. May the oceans of time bless mercy to free me as all of thee. We!
Amen Elohim. Amen. 
Nature knows best, my ability to function sanely is enough of a test. Politics at best but what else is there. Faith? The answer we should fear as we prove I can't believe in we the people of Gods one country. Every person has an agenda that tells no truth and it is the I they do betray for reasoning false proof as their selfish endeavors savior deceitfully. Beware. I can function smoking a joint like having a drink here and there while the body recovers easily with modesty?
Addiction is a myth. Listen to God in you wanting freedom from Misery and Grief. Misery and grief empowered can't be the way. Awake and Aware.

*     Substance abuse and use? First off... before you ever go thinking yourself God enough to trump me be a reason for a life to glorify the very constitution of? Karma dictates too late. So shut up idiot, not even Christ redeems you in my eyes. Secondly... Mothers against? Due to the communal effect a genuine socio-political issue? But what extremes should be logically considered tolerable? Marijuana before alcohol any day; most can function to a degree of "normal" mildly sedated vicodin, and need no fix addictively? Like wine for the taste the accentuation of chocolate divine? The rest of your crap republican't was an attack for benefit of retarding through trauma (my being raped) and make a statement at my expense or prevent me from making a statement, and to do so!? GOD BLESS AMERICA!

      Therefore as proclamation of understanding why they're flushed, even viciously, hows abortion for a statement? Be humane and kill it before it meets that monkey whom squalls its self "dad". Is that the case you rapist swine? Retard? I'm sure it is. Democrats of course could not be so pointless as backwoods trash?

      Lastly... sane is test enough combined with maintaining, individually, social peace (Drunk Driving/Drunks)? You diseases were not invited? Get out of my house. My life. Better forfeit per memory of trashy... well... no royalty amongst mine to be highest mind... or I hope such can be said? All St. Queen Elizabeth did for me?

     (This piece is about moderated empowerment as shame protest of our eqality so much as fame? Legal mediation to the center of balanced scales is the very emblem of justice? Failed why? And yes the toxic substances are by many used as a slanderous weapon by political whores? The governing philosophies on both sides? Dealers so racist like numerous political entities? The personal rage is attributed to my having been druged and raped in Washington D.C.? Couldn't help it... you really are low life trash. Here I am so proud?)

Public Servant.

Whenever shall justice amongst men be?
I strive always to the greatest right mathematically,
Only to be undone by my fellows biased idiocy...
Them a malice against me
I become a just statement deserved.
Heard is the voice of she
Whose vision is blurred traumatically,
And that child better
To not make a sound?
Glory of the womb degraded politically
To be unto a prison for she,
My burial mound...
Abomination is given not a chance!
Light and jubilant
Mine soul does dance
The grave
To enslave
Such worthless voices?
Police officer,
Your choices?
A malignant fate!
It is not my intention to negotiate.
Your hate?

Golden Rod?

Forgiveness our governor. Spare us not the insult deserved for our inhumane acts, lest the whole of the being be lost to the flames, the eternal insult, of Syrian chemicals... Democratic, metaphysical, and religious failures that such may be for not learning from Eden in fall. Traumatic tragedy. Cain never his fellows keeper for never keeping mind on his soul and the role that it plays like lull in this everlasting divine. Sublime melodies are known to, and for, the Able cross... Let not the message to we be a pearl to pigs lost as the cost is greater a price than halfhearted dogma can pay... Religious war I pray is never to lead astray our souls from the highest humane. May we refrain and partake only of pardons temporary pain. Savage uncivilized insanity fall tame.
May it be.

*     Linked to the just mentioned drug wars is police brutality. Psycho-dynamic trauma? Environmental stressors? Minimalization of traumatic stimuli, as much as sanely possible, could be wisely advised as the police can't maintain upright practice with all their obligations; many of which are pointless. What do persons really need protected from other than the most essentially important "lack of  education and logical exercise"? The insane or dangerously traumatized (Marijuana before alcohol)? Therefore like the booze (cultural bias?) the crack, cocaine, crystal meth, heroine, l.s.d, p.c.p (obviously all hallucinogens for the apparent desperation inspired by trauma)? Rape (often linked to drug use in so many ways Kenyon and crap, my personal attacker)? Abuse (hey drunk)? Murder (hey rapist)? Indeed.

      Good taste and decency however? Calm and peaceful persons? Self defense? One would think you elite could get it right? Observe... an American is better off dead than in America? And your soldiers, your police force, obviously can't carry the weight? Even if they're getting a decent cut of the profit the incivility exercised protest serious psychological distress? Hideous injustice. Why legislate against what hardly harms? Can you make the mosquitoes illegal please?             

     (Again forgive me for having been born to you people. Most can't fathom psyops being used against our people by our own. Tis personal rage that makes these pieces hard to follow. I hope you gross fuckers keep it up and die by the masses, at least in part. Still holding on to the decent I was by dictate of nature though... that just makes it worse?

     So tragic this reality the root of my trauma are linked to direct attacks on my person whilst you people (republicans, cops, dealers, ect...) suffer only your own heads most commonly? Written for you, by my hand, the product of my humanitarian labors was a more than effective drug treatment program that liberates genuinely... and still you exercise not the slightest bit of respect of either extreme? Genuine understanding, also the product of my labors, has been given to you for benefit of encouraging a more civilized union inter-culturally and you dare insult me by considering me the threat most of you are?

     I am to regard you creatures highly? Your classic lunatics and as the majority this extreme minority advises you shoot for the moon? Either extreme is fine... otherwise children will be born to "you" still, and will still have to acknowledged you America?)

Eternal every thought As from eternal inspired? Human will, our choice Is evolution thus desired? God the cornerstone. Amen Elohim, Amen.

     And yet it is so ironic? The reason for so much of my laughter is regard so intense? We live in an America of perpetual warfare; I listen to so many persons proclaim constantly their unhappy discontent generated from the perverse philosophies they hold to willfully?  Most of which stem from psycho-dynamic traumas understandable but according to dictate of their immediate realities unrealistic? Even more tragically noted is the fact that those traumas will often become physical illnesses unwarranted? Media hype of course never helping to cease the insanity because of the  lucrative vanity promised political parties? Are we sure the Nazi's lost?

*     Education should inspire that we at least acknowledge our neighbors? Religion is simultaneously the foundation of both science and culture? Existence symbolically expressed to the existent whom are manifest as? Higher education should be introduce to young minds... greater the fear of establishment perfect being reduced to rubble than a slight to the pride of psychosis?

Moses in Psycho-Dynamic Simplicity?

"Holy the Spirit."

Presence is a voice democratic. Choice is an effect ecstatic, the ever erratic of I-Ching in flux to becoming. Reality the drumming of our cosmic heart, part into part, Gods will does start eons ago? Our growing into flow, the know, of greater than self. Listen... Angelic glisten and glow, our wealth, per cosmological pantheon. Mathematical to algebra beyond hopeless peon looking for divine. It is the sentient named mind, every filament of sublime identity. From childhood such did raise me beyond capacity to understand, sensations entwined like storms of sand in war, love, and temperance refined. Every path leads to someplace by such defined to be our eternal fate, the legislate, what will allowed to be! Forever is somewhere looking for we! Holy our trinity the power such fame's as God renames the tapestry through face? Presence is a voice like leather or lace protesting change. Tis not self that does rearrange but dire demanded so long ago. One dead child prevents the to and fro to finally show deity devout. Hearing them shout I lash out just so... Effectual control, the toll, of well placed war for love to balance. Vision is but one of heavens talents... Mine the gift of say! Are you but abomination that speaks? Will your "nay" into the light of day! Learning to overcoming actively... Amen Elohim, Amen. 

     Considering it to be probable that our sociocultural matrix, our collective ideology, is framed or founded upon misguided misinterpretations revolving around the teachings of respected patriarch Moses I compose this analysis. Feeling it essential to formulate this brief reinterpretation inspired from my understanding of the Native American Shamans social role, I apologize in advance for any insult my sense of urgency and hypothesis may inspire. Also I must apologize for my belief that it is unhealthy to distinguish ourselves from such men as Moses too adamantly as this belief no doubt runs counter to the accepted ideologies of many faiths; I conceive that such separation is erroneous for divorcing us from the genuine value of the "human" message.


     The Eden narrative, in my opinion, is a romance that illustrates the love that Moses felt for his wife by comparing her to the goddess Isis of Egyptian myth and symbolically describing the torment reality would be without her. Reinforcement of this idea can be identified in the statement, "a man shall not lay with a man as if though he were lying with a woman for such is abomination"; were we are introduce to the belief that a fulfilled life could not have existed for Moses without that life being shared with his wife the statement then becomes, "I do not think your life can be satisfying unless you have love in your life like mine, and an unsatisfying, unfulfilled life is abomination". Such a disposition is ideal and noble relationally, and romantically, one that supports and is befitting the role of Patriarchy.

     Such understandings as these can aid dramatically in freeing many persons from the psychological hardships that accompany the fear of condemnation by superiors without diminishing the value of Moses's teachings in our eyes. Attainment of such a healthy and honestly affectionate state of being requires a high level of self awareness free from narcissistic disdain, which protest the perfect sanity of the patriarch while allowing us to pave our own individuated paths unencumbered; always with the idea of fulfillment, such as was exemplified by Moses, in mind. Fathoming such we also become capable, for these teachings being of the sociocultural foundation, of opening ourselves to the more dynamic realities of self and other defeating in great degree the unnecessary hyperactivity of the defensive mechanism responsible for the development of self-righteous, narcissistic (Freudian) dispositions.

     Soul in spirit philosophy of Moses, of a people, artistically articulated in the language of symbolic imagery. Genesis, past Eden, speaks to us of the humble, considerate man that ensures "Gods" favor as "chosen"? Note that a perfect archetypal likeness can be identified in the oriental fable "The Shirt of the Happy Man", indicating to all investigators that "chosen" is of individual disposition more than of any nationalistic identity of lineage or decent.  

     Such persons are satisfied to live and are realistic perceptively, acknowledging personal limitations, and work with the manifest from such dispositions; health and well being a constant focus, expressing appreciation for ones existence. Ironically, per Genesis, this form of psycho-dynamic "realism" evokes the favor of the super-real or supernatural; the miraculous that seems an element of radical change. Indeed Genesis applauds such identities as those worthy of divine favor for a healthy establishment of individual constitution that transcends the limitation of the insane extremism of neurotic, unhealthy psychologies, which are limited to the programs of such pathologies.

     Healthy and not afflicted by self-righteous concerns such mentalities are considerate of the (over-) all or entirety that is infinite, unmasterable, and therefore synonymous with the reality and idea of God. Biblically both the patriarchs and matriarchs of Genesis, past the Eden narrative, though considerate of limitations individually remain open to limitless possibilities per the command of God delivered via the holy messengers as is seen in Abraham and Sarah's conceiving a child in their old age. Psychologically these identities resemble the natural individual evolution of every human when stifling traumatic injury does not retard and enrage the inherent defensive capacity; a common characteristic identified in the mentally ill as the sadomasochistic coping mechanism.

     Considering thus it may benefit us to fathom that the ideal, willfully maintained, disposition would be one that accepts and even embraces limited self as that which need not belittle the self to finite or limited per connection with the greater mystery of God the infinite; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Maintenance of this identity leads us to the religious practicing of the Ten Commandments as interpreted metaphysically,  beyond limited dogma, considering the demand for introspective self analysis. Mindful of commonality then let's open our eyes to the second book of Moses.


     Briefly stated the Exodus, as described in the bible, alludes to a returning to the true self glorified in the book of Genesis. In short a shedding of the old degraded, and so degrading, skin of slavery, of imprisonment, and the freeing of the genuine microcosmic self into the reality of macrocosmic self; true human nature. Here in Moses presents the individual and sociological "law" that safeguards and maintains such a nature; the Ten Commandments.

     Rivaled always by the old skin of slavery the Ten Commandments are joined by a lesser codes of religious practice implemented to aid the Hebrews like a ladder in obtaining true human personage as mental, and especially spiritual, health are not matters of simplicity, or of the trivial mundane. Infinitely dynamic no individual or group of persons, per Exodus, should by any one, number, or self suffer being considered definitely limited as such not only divorces such persons from reality but enrages the defensive mechanism to detrimental repercussion.

     Factually it is only for the already ill that the religion of Moses, the Ten Commandments, are to be viewed as a step ladder back to the paradise of Eden; for all others it is the appropriation of defense to the ends of maintaining such a state of being. Appreciation, respect (right perception), passive meditation (introspection), active meditation (planning), and remembering are the first five commandments of Moses repeated again in the final five. When practiced as metaphysically prescribed,  and literally,  the Ten Commandments ensure individual and social health..

Practicing being appreciative of ones reality, even if you can only value a deep breath, calms the being and boost the mood. Socially this practice encourages a higher understanding of fellow and therefore decreases opportunity for social strife and/or conflict.

Right perception safeguards against insanity. Considered as a practice this commandment encourages that nothing be taken for granted which empowers the scientific, investigative mind toward growth whilst, simultaneously, humbling the psycho-dynamic identity to the mystery of reality; bettering ones mastery over the defensive mechanism.

Passive Meditation:
Introspection is the act of becoming self aware and mapping out the dynamic self better enabling self control and so mastery over cause and effect.

Active Meditation:
Planning is the practice of mastery to whatever degree obtained by the understanding of cause and effect. Active meditation goes hand in hand with passive meditation; so much so they are nearly the same practice and/or function.

Remembering is the practice of valuing growth and development to the end of greater growth and development through the act of utilizing the education historically acquired. Remembering is the foundation of cultivation.

     Beyond this it becomes apparent that these practices both boost and refine the human confidence and self assurance. Considering this we also see that these religious practices reinforce themselves by supporting the way one perceives the value of life in making one more capable of appreciating life. Indeed the capacity to appreciate defines the quality of life and lifestyle. Actually these laws can be considered to be the perfect harmony of individuated socialization, that which is to most, if not an out right impossibility, a considerable improbability. Thus the lesser code of Exodus...


     Our human value system? Meaning in symbolic attribute? Such metaphysical questions as these are illustrated in the book of Leviticus and are indeed to be the responsibility of the priesthood.

     Infinite is the essence of this ordeal. Value is to the individual both learned and refined via individuation. Both cases tend to frame and/or found our philosophical inclinations for better or worse. The special importance provided the priesthood? The persons responsible for the transmission of the teachings of Moses the highest servant of God? How such allowances effect mentality and the evolution of?

     More than anything the book of Leviticus introduces us to the complications that rival individuated socialization; namely the human value system, which encourages the behavioral code of conduct regardless of perceptions accuracy. Blemish-less, unspotted, the choicest meats? Representations of what God deserves of us again artistically expressed as the offerings indicate the psycho-emotional and so spiritual dispositions God delights in. Therefore we must determine what state of being is choicest ourselves and live it... Ceremony has no "value" without spiritual (psychological) effect; a fact easily over looked, leaving us focused on the value of the external material which is proven to be detrimental.

     Ceremony is, in fact, the means by which we both cultivate and empower what we each individually deem to be the greatest state of being. Individual temperament, and sanity, are directly linked, ultimately, to this manifest, our reality. Prayer, meditation, philosophy and the willed enforcement of such, are religious practices that are ceremonial despite simplicity. Through this means we mathematically or insanely effect reality; thus the disciplined exercised role of the priesthood.


     Chaos Complexity, the entirety God is and knows that we each are only a part of? Numbers, on the surface speaks of militaristic ability yet, deeper than this, is the understanding of how many different persons not only labor for Godliness but also how many persons are Gods charge; how many persons God raises? DEMOCRACY? So many different temperaments and levels of understanding per the infinite of cause and effect, especially,  sociologically? To honor the first and sixth commandments?

Democratia optima re publica infamia vilipendium facie ad minima veniam ... mundanas, Athena est metaphysica victoriae? Me!

Ratione suae creationis ipsius causae et effectus inter omnes permutentur et bibendum, et hi quinque in quinque praecepta, consilia inquantum cognoscit socialis, ita et vis ... Sed pretium aditus ad extremum ... Tragice uninclined meretricibus dantur mercedes!


     Dynamically the only other place we will ever be introduced to the divine infinite so definitely is in the instance of the pregnant woman and the mysterious child she bares, if we exclude dimensions of individual personality and the development thereof; a subject an issue controversial, and focus of this exact scrutiny its self? Numbers introduces us to the complexities of individuated socialization in an informal manner and could be considered God's apology to each of us if such were ever warranted. Thousands into millions each an expression of the ultimate macrocosm persons are formerly introduced in this book of Moses to reality of greater than the self with so much greater than the self to fathom; Numbers is an introduction to the challenge that is humanitarian endeavor f actually.

     Introducing us to no trivial matter I personally don't question why the reading of Numbers may at first seem so tedious... Nevertheless formal introduction to God mind is essential to any person attempting to grow spiritually. Nothing in human life is simple or mundane.

     Mystery of individuality developmentally and the establishment or/and reestablishing of the Chaos Complexity equated to the factoring in of effect of/on situation and changing times on/per myriad identities? Needless to say endeavors to completely become conscious of every detail is beyond the limited egos ability. However... Awareness of this reality has an effect on the mentality that humbles or humiliates unto humble the individual perceptions?


     Deuteronomy is, despite his personal end, the greatest achievement and message of the patriarch Moses. Expressing the fact that highest is low and lowest high this book minds us all of the room we each have to grow no matter the apparent status any individual holds sociologically. Remembering each person (Chaos Complexity) is piece of the puzzle aides greatly in establishing the humble identity Deuteronomy reinforces.

     Deuteronomy has so many secrets encoded? Reality and power of the most "Holy Trinity", the value of the Buddhas selfless transcendence and the mysterious means of establishing ones self as, to name the most essential... Indeed per Deuteronomy persons are not considered foolish for wondering of the connection between the teachings and identities of Moses and Christ? Reincarnation even is a thought that deserves merit so much as personality and the development there of? Therefore inspiration and influence leads us into the next portion of this work...

     I hope to have kept us alive and interested thus far... Amen Elohim. Amen.

Job to Endure.
Traumatic injury is madness to consume?
Defensive mechanisms
Gard as the dark night from gloom?
A friend in the room?
A breath to take,
A flower to bloom appreciated?
Love rivaled,
Never negated,
For love is self?
Until true insane?
Medical pain
Of every enemy a friend as bane?
True propriety
Is unto beneficent tame.
Amen Elohim, Amen.

St. Thomas Aquinas

“Therefore that thing, whose existence differs from its essence, must  have its existence caused by another. But this cannot be true of God;  because we call God the first efficient cause. Therefore it is impossible that in God His existence should differ from His essence.”

“Therefore “suppositum” and nature in them are identified. Since God  then is not composed of matter and form, He must be His own Godhead, His  own Life, and whatever else is thus predicated of Him.”

“The truth of this question is quite clear if we consider the divine simplicity. For it was shown above that  the divine simplicity requires that in God essence is the same as  “suppositum,” which in intellectual substances is nothing else than  person. But a difficulty seems to arise from the fact that while the divine persons are multiplied, the essence nevertheless retains its unity.  And because, as Boethius says, “relation multiplies the  Trinity of persons,” some have thought that in God essence and person  differ, forasmuch as they held the relations to be “adjacent”;  considering only in the relations the idea of “reference to another,”  and not the relations as realities. But as it was shown above in creatures relations are accidental, whereas in God  they are the divine essence itself. Thence it follows that in God  essence is not really distinct from person; and yet that the persons are  really distinguished from each other. For person, as above stated, signifies relation as subsisting in the divine nature. But relation as referred to the essence does not differ therefrom really, but only in our way of thinking;  while as referred to an opposite relation, it has a real distinction by  virtue of that opposition. Thus there are one essence and three  persons.”

And for future discussion, to counter Boethius, does Relation establish Person or does Person establish Relation?

...End Of Thomas...

Neither and both, relation is the illusion of, and inspired by, myriad creation. Unity is the genuine state of things. On the one hand learning the truth of unity according to individual understanding has a conditioning effect on the individual who fathoms the entirety of creation; on the other hand the mind is capable of fathoming this inter-relation so intently that an individual can free himself from conditioning through actual awareness of self as being just a part of creation that will can influence.
                                   Westly Ty Light.

*     Economical considerations? Being a very satisfied person of little (to no) means I perhaps will have little to say of economic practice that is popular? On an individual level I advise wanting for nothing as desire is hell? I also advise humanitarian investments to safeguard human life, even at ones own expense.     

     Socio-political economic considerations tend toward the communization of the federal government, not the people? Community representatives to determine what people in a county can pay to the federal government in taxes combined with a fixed national limit? Ensuring that all government employees are paid not a cent more than the most common American citizen? Allowing only imported and exported goods to be taxed. No food taxes? Fixed tax rates for the elderly protecting lifestyles and property? Indeed all of my economic considerations promote humanitarian well being; the mindless robbery practiced is unreasonable to me? It speaks poorly of the American people and if the inhumanity cannot be remedied? Well... the effects of traumatic injury?

     Disassociation is a fatal character flaw of republican type governments? Wealth distinguishes enough already? Combined with an equally isolated social reality of frustrating change and flux it is easy for persons to forget the people whom they represent? Loosing themselves to combat or socially reinforced ideological development with their "click", estranged and inconsiderate of the entirety? Representative government, in my opinion, must be the macro manged via the micro (For the people by)? Therefore I propose county by county representatives as a more communally sane, democratic and aware, governmental structure? Inverted communism was an idea well formulated, until the people themselves proved unworthy of my harmonizing considerations? Not being worth the work or the fight I leave you to your whims ever sub-primate. Good luck.

A Man?

Why can't you just admit that it's best that yesterday be laid to rest and buried in the past? Sanctimonious matrimony! You're not building anything you intend to make last beyond the glorious vast of ejaculation. A moment dead to finite time whilst infinite does define only your worth via exact calculation of disaster control. Alabaster the know that determines the grow of your soul on the balance. Bride of Osiris, loves many talents like brother Gabriel whose shadow is Lucifer rotting in hell for flippant desires expressed. Jest that test that proves your not abomination, worthless, but a man! While the sand counts down your so many crimes. Know such did not want to know you either, her memory entwines and chimes your legacy better made silent. My, my... Why so violent? Soldiers, real men, murder children every day despite the pray that shalt display one's soul to God? Fraud?
Toni Braxton: Just Be a Man About It.

*     Very heart and soul of infinite considerations and heavily weighted determinations stressful... the life of the medical practitioner? Praise status of the true human elite as truly humanitarianly oriented persons? Such a slight the people suffer for the dollar generating ticks of the world to infiltrate and profane sacred charge? Insult including them  all wherever they are to attack. Nevertheless right compensation for those whom are true and perfect soldiers is due. Thus my socialist dilemma? Honor never the coin and Cesar his property?

     In my mind medicine is a basic need more than a glorious profession, like all humanitarian endeavors? Consider not the people and they become like unto your own inconsideration? Vicious humiliation to brake the necks of those most high whom lead by example? To many have no mind for the matter and instruction-less, mind only escapist disregard. A call for better education into even, and most essentially, psychology being presented to very young minds? Such to lessen the great load? My pleasure?

     Government its self is like unto a medical entity per my reflections? Therefore inverted communism and the numerous attacks of my tongue against all of my fellows? Well being of our own should be our primary concern and motivation? If this is not right Christan, than I boast as greater... the blessing of hell! And here I am!

     Privacy for patients is essential to recovery, like education on humane propriety is preventative medicine to safeguard every equally valuable life glorified as highest? Perfect protection there of, to be painstakingly provided? Every resource exhausted! Alas I am but a few in a world of millions traumatized, and mindless, unto obscenity so cruel? And I not even greatest?

     Society is a body and mind? Per the Chaos Complexity our house is, to we, seemingly unorganized? First we must rid ourselves of this delusion to find calm. With wisdom we must search our hearts and learn every human persons value? Understandingly we must safeguard and empower right temperament our St. Michael, so manifest as the very reality in which we live, and essentially are? Biased extremism serves only the tower of tarot, the devil that enslaves? A smaller government stronger for being ever present is my communist stance?

     We need however, for success, a better educated, more proactive and mindful people to constantly be in charge? Other than is government succumbing to stressors of "it against the world"? An unfair hell. One empowered by the current and unrealistic disassociated mentality, self consumed and lashing out. All of our people are in the same boat? What remedy is best applied. A communized government, not a communist entirety is honest (in theory) for it can not unduly exploit so long as the people have the greater power. Power over the economy, right to elect officials from their immediate communities for it, and freedom to think (speaking so overrated in my mind as I prefer to say nothing appeciating disposition more than life. Funny considering the former safeguards and is the value of the latter? "Sardonic", as my rapist would protest.)? Oh well... all I have to do is die.

Simply despairing to love you.    
Westly Ty Light                


Amen Brahman of Christ Amen. "Father why hast thou forsaken me?" "Body of my son you are of this earth and have satisfied my sons purpose for now. You speak from the physical delirium caused by suffering, you have not been forsaken as I have been satisfied by thee, the Buddha may say you have been glorified and for all time shall be, as thee shall for all time glorify me and my sociocultural development evolutionarily. Indeed this is what you are.


Truthful Trinity.



And Lucifer;

All three one

As three crucified.


But humanity


An eternal spear

In the side

Of selfless.


*     Woe to wonder of too many whom have betrayed all life for having succumbed to psycho-dynamic trauma? Their flesh never violated? Afflictions of Job never theirs to know, and still? Such grievance is mine because your minds have made contempt of your souls for your unwillingness to organize your homes, your heads? And in vain decents attempt to protest to all the world your glory for of civilization animals know greater? Closer to the sound mind of truth, ever the merciless sword? Such despair to acknowledge perfect ability made so many of you my fellows?

      Distinguished inappropriately and never mindfully appropriating; the very charge of civilization and the civilized? I, we and world, definite reality and commonality an obvious truth for all? How could we fall so far away from right mind? Vain imaginations? Escapist tendency avoiding awareness of self a/and mental ability for benefit of indulging in psycho-emotional torment? Oh how I loath such of myself and yet love as mine betrayed? Widdled to the knees? No. For unlike these a devout man who works truthfully has a mind for the matter? Thus the sages of old and no rivalry existing for them Shatanist of three social desieses of mind? Your mock-able for subhuman weak and traitors to your cause? So like your majesty your enemy? I know this very flaw in myself, thus Buddhas glory for grandeur given; your too insane to want to know? Therefore your "religion" not being acknowledged? And your father, the three perversions of practice, nearly dead; with you always a wonderful aid whom I consider not worth regard myself much too commonly? Your so like him?

"Separate Church?"


When the justification

Of the condemnation

Of fellow (?)

Is religiously founded...

But the practice,


So ignorant of the soul

That does flow;


The very condemnation?


This ignorant...

The legislative spirit

But reflects

Internal conflict...

Of ideological


Not awake

Nor aware...

Moses condemns "unfulfilled";

Never did he barrier

One from getting there?

Tormented abomination?

Never knowing

So many ways

To betray.

Go away!

Amen Elohim, Amen.


Feel love? Great mystery that liberates we from frivolous idiocy. Sex dominating the sentient hierarchy of divinity? Indeed, even "homosexuals" have found a "cure" for rivalry in traumatic injury; smashing the faces of those Christian boys to spite reality? Nose of thine face, per trauma, not condemned though condemning. As in the beginning... Body a vessel until self does start transcending. Winning above the sinning that degrades human life ever defending such grace. Bitter as betrayal the taste! More than body man is will of Demi-God.


(MAXI PRIEST : Close To You)

Religious Dynamically.

Democracy is the humanity in political affairs. March the hares to Ides? Beware. Beware. Every person is their eternity. Jung, analyze this. Her kiss is the bliss that governs religion in practice. Metaphysical our philosophy extending across the atlas. And the fact is infinite extreme! Look into inter-active dynamics and you`ll see what I dream to mean. A life lived serene and free from all harm. Eternity is every moment... So much the need for alarm, to disarm and find true nature celebrating free. Trauma inspires the nemesis, grief and misery; one and the same. The womb is the basis of psychology? Meditate in refrain as there is no bane then; injury to fall. Wake up thine essence. See your god in all. Saints do teach in Teresa.


     There have not been parents whom lead children to right mind since the ancients and the simplicity empowered by them? So hard to embrace true human nature, so humble, when your politics always foster opposition for us to glorify ourselves in comparison to? Thus the perfect humiliation of all life? Such heaven mine to have never known humanity... the illusions my love painted of you?

     Yet ironically it is my loves illusion's made most logically truthful? Only our towers of tarot  the satanic chains blinding eyes and muting the human with the insanity of open ears made deaf have been defeated? Perverse mentalities and perverse practices are misery and the whores company grief made a plague. Such will know its end. Amen.

Love in Foundation.

Love in Foundation.

Awe and appreciation

Blossoming into the,

In time,

Fulfilled manifestation

Of glorification


Free from the stress of frantic,

At peace,

Love is the release of self

And all such concerns

To radiate the humane fire

That burns

Like a sentient star




The honest spark

Of the true lover,

Be thee not beguiled.

Cronus transcending every moment?

Confused onto wild?

Individuated Identity Aware!?


The capacity of awake

That does care.


Amen Elohim, Amen.

*     Nuclear technology is the greatest blessing humanity has been so cursed to undo its self with? Eternal every profession of your worth you may die or die; forever screaming the pointless of either one or all, self or fellow, each the same? Delightful to the man whom found all instruments lost causes tied in knots of idiocy demanding what self could not muster to give? Insult a plenty to love forever denied as memory makes it so, either way; that I am the one alone that makes you worth it? Sanity ever my divine supremacist glory. Right mind. Only I did grieve the wonder of life pointlessly degraded? Now I grieve love being servant to those better off dead, either way? Such laughable evolutions ever your charge and responsibility? Don't care; just hurry up and get there as the silence was always grander than your empowered delusions squalling magnificence by far? I am the only true glory I have ever known. You should have taken charity. Here your vanities would have been true, now they're just vanities true to vanity's nature; mockable.

Zen until you transcend

Every vain proclamation of glory

That has ever been?

Lucifer serving in spite of such self?

The metaphorical now the traitors wealth?

Rapist the anti-Christ

Never true considerate of human health,


Our every meaning

Unto evolution absolute?

Astute to refute

The wretched within souls

That but pronounce

The torn out flute;

Ever "metals" ill-harmonized drum?

Hum-dumb biddy bum...

And the run was just for fun?

Divine forces fallen for beguiled.

Father therefore mothers death

First and last of every child?


Um? Mr. Zebra?

     An object in motion? Civilized psycho-spiritualism as the Democracy existent in personal and political relationships must always be aware that this law is not only one of the physical but also metaphysical worlds? A force that impedes most commonly will traumatize and create a ripple type effect of destructive influence that causes more injury sociologically. Acknowledging and understanding a persons evolutionarily inspired identity is essential for the stabilization of all political relationships? Attempting to write another human being is folly of the deadliest sort, thus "thou shalt not judge" as eternally pertinent communally so much as scientifically; though you may question and postulate? However, to what end?

     Political relationships in America today have become dominated by insult inconsiderate of individual evolution that inspires the biology to react defensively, exercising determinant tendency? Creatures of habit in an environment becoming ever more volatile socially? Such is the practice of hell leading to the glory of death your human identities most likely will never know as all glory is genuinely tied to love (?) not death, the peace granted when such insanity ends? An irony as love is fostered by peace and war is love and peace betrayed? Democracy? Social relationships evolutionarily? Each always going hand in hand? Pardon me?






The joy promised

In your profess?


By my delight,

So slight

When standing to the plight,

In feeble revenge



Griefs defensive hate,

To late

To defend.

Bend the wind?

Into goddess transcend?

Ever only human,


Flux of subjected


Whole of entierty

I rid myself of thee,





(Tori Amos: Blood Roses)


Anger Management?

     Anger management is in essence the path work of saints. Such labor aims at being mindful and aware of the self moment by moment through while taking into consideration the fact that every action inspires a reaction, and that we are, at least in part, in control of how we inspire a situation to evolve. Meditation upon and evaluation of the dynamics of self, other and reality is absolutely essential to the successful incorporation of the "government encouraged" anger management system in your life. Persons are rightly encouraged to "know the self" and understand that they play a role in what events occur throughout the course of their lives while also being aware that they have a natural right, due to sentient intelligence, to dictate what those events will be by playing with the dynamics of reality and learning what is best for all beings? Prosperous peace?  

     We must understand that anger is a secondary emotion or the bi-product of a deeper emotion? The presence of anger indicates that the psycho-emotional aspects of self are suffering some occurrence in the environment that the sentient person is resistant to and so naturally defends the self from? This defense is, like the whole of the person, conditioned not only by nature but also by the philosophies and understandings an individual has held to throughout the course of their lives meaning, that they could be ignorant or self righteous in nature and may stunt the growth and development of that person. All persons should be mindful of this fact as this is damaging to the process of politically mediating every moment of life to the healthiest state of being which is what anger management is democratic mediation of moments.

      Letting go of what you have held to to inspire the best is sometimes necessary and very hard to do; "I am the man and I am in control" is one of the mental fixations I am speaking of here. If these self righteous fixations exist one is encouraged to meditate them out of the being, if not, then a person may begin to work with the environment to enable a healthier life situation.  Knowing which philosophies a person should hold to is pivotal to success in anger management. The most beneficial philosophies are the ones that revolve around peace. A person whose "Yoke is light" is a person who is at peace. The person who is at peace is centered and aware. Historically it is apparent that we have always been trying to develop a perfect system of anger management for benefit of all life? We must for our mutual benefit continue. May God help us. Amen.

The eyes that see are those that seek or search to find. The ears that hear are those that are open to the divine dreaming mind. All is defined by the I that does preceive as you are to me what my level of understanding inspires me to beleive.




Universal Love? Free Love?

     So it is that to truly love one is to know every humans value universally; humanitarianly? Yet it must be understood that only the value is attributed to other than the beloved whom is the only beneficiary of the golden radiance romantic? Factually to protest that such love extends to all intimately  is to betray the beloved and humanity by forcing upon all the torturous path you will be destroyed by very slowly? Eros, the deity, is the punishment of love belittled and betrayed by humanity? Such cannot be an expression of love (ever respectful) for the mindless inconsideration that governs inhumane? Traumatized identities write perverse philosophies for being confused? Indeed... it is nothing but hellish punishment without love? God bless America. Amen.

Times Chaos Complexity.

Cronus Foresees

Self righteous abomination born?

Such that can not glorify...

See Hera

Either way

None are free

Of lifeless scorn...

For I-Ching is we...

Yet so,

As its own karma,

Such can not defeat

That which does mote it be.

Our trinity?

Times correction refined...

Every house fallen

By the love

That so divined.

Eros our holy self

By a human

Fall for crime...

Heavens lily? 

Athenian Grace.

In time...

In time...

You are thine own destruction?

To scar thine Helen's face?

To silence singing

To mockery's mime?



     666 the mark of the beast has nothing to do with the Pope in spite of self deceit inspired by historic domination and isolation of the church from the spirit. Three cultures celebrate the Ten Commandments as the law of God. One of the sixes glorifies the self above an ENEMY? Be most appalled. All men seek self glory and in doing so they attack the sacred spirit of life through physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual domination or insult which is the denial of the sixth commandment as well as the first. We must see that all is holy, all is life, all is God. The historic evolution of understanding life is most beguiling and easily leads many astray for us failing to know ourselves. Let us practice true holy communion. Amen.

Original Vulnerability.

Traumatic injury? That which sadistic and masochistic tendency, for benefit of surviving the inhumane, delights. Fights and rights so ignorant of tempered “letting go”; our historic grudges? Shame? Place the blame on all but the immediate, peace, awaiting you to trust solace. Psycho-dynamic, crying in your sleep,  never metaphysically empowering the true nature lost to Eden’s folly. Original vulnerability. Romance betrayed by mortality though effect is eternal? Grief our self- deception and defeat per natural selection as law sings true? Never did you know, or love, or care, about the true you. So willing to be but immortal whores slaving away for a heaven you did foolishly covet to have when always it was here a holy fool? Injury is the bane. Thus commandment and laws so torturous to a degraded you? When degradation per humanity was always impossible? It was not God who did condemn, but Adam (?), as perverted perceptions inspired the insane to fear? Though not what he himself would do? And so it is that it lives and gives for transcendent mentality not being the well worked tool. Passionless embrace as she did betray who? Wondering Eve? But seeking to find and liberate the future to propriety. Indeed Adam is compassion cruel. Coward consumed by the neurotic fixations inspired by injury? Appropriation is the truth you should pursue. A help mate is not an enemy, much less the flesh blood and bone of all true! Learning was always the way and trauma, war, has been a great educator below rule. That which rightly you should abstain from: the heaven of empowerment that you true do wish to be true unto. Beguiling is traumatized insanity, confused and capable of only its nature. Inferior to your sky blue. Original vulnerability? No fault was attributed to you? Free will.


A Native World? A Native America?

   Relation is the illusion of, and inspired by, myriad creation. Unity is the genuine state of things. On the one hand learning the truth of unity according to individual understanding has a conditioning effect on the individual who fathoms the entirety of creation; on the other hand the mind is capable of fathoming this inter-relation so intently that an individual can free himself from conditioning through actual awareness of self as being just a part of creation and that will can influence creation just as creation has influenced. So change does occur. 


   All humans are natives of creation despite race, religion, cultural background, or gender; this is an absolute truth that must be acknowledged for the sake of all human life. Why we are instructed to love our enemies as though they are ourselves, to turn the other cheek, and do unto others as we would have done unto us, is so that we might transcend the illusions of difference or The Tower of Babel and realize the unity in all things. We live with one and other and only truly abominable acts (abomination is a homosexual reference here in the defense of homosexuals) such as the Holocaust or genocide will change this fact, and is the denial of truth for acceptance of Falsehood. Historical examples of this would be considering the Natives of America savages, the spiritualist of other cultures witches that should "not be suffered" and put to death, the Hebrews condemning the spiritual faiths of their neighbors, Muhammad slaughtering pagans, the Muslims tormenting the Hindus, the Buddhist, Americans and so on. Remember that it is this mentality that encouraged the development of nuclear weaponry, biological weaponry and the like.

     The mark of the beast worn on the head, your nature dominates you and not you it or the world is your master and not God (one dog). For failure to transcend and "love your neighbors" the sons have suffered for the fathers sins. If you're not going to love your neighbor go ahead and covet his wife.  

     Psycho-Spiritually all humans have sought nothing more than the best way to live. By denying the spiritual understandings of others you may miss the opportunity to truly understand yourself and to see what the truth actually is. An injustice only you and the future will suffer. An example of this suffering could be women fighting so viciously against despotic domination that they kill their own children; think of the Medusa or the Valkyries, women as warriors, or Ruth and Judith who each are much like Jezebel manipulating.  Another example of this suffering could be a peoples absolute refusal to consider religion and spirit as valid truth (scientist) making them incapable of honoring their fathers and mothers (kind of like what the Puritans, the Catholics, the Muslims and the Jews  refused to allow the pagans to do).

     Unity has always been and humans have always struggled to understand this reality. Thus we can not use religion to condemn for the spirit of religion is and always has been liberation through understanding not domination of the masses for glory. This disrupts our ability to grow. Think of it, environmentally an ingrained appreciation of nature would have really done us a great service instead we consider it as ours to use whether we know how to use it best or not; crack cocaine, crystal meth, heroine, smog, the hole in the ozone ect. Where does self mutilation stop? By the way if she is a helpmate guys that's what you are, get off of yourselves for your own sakes; i know for a fact you ain't that hot. Trust me. 

     On to greed. It makes no sense I'm a communist; sorry great republic but you can't hear a persons voice when that person is screaming in torment because your raping them to line your pockets and glorify an incomplete idea. The commune encourages peace psycho-emotionally which helps a human to think with greater accuracy enabling them to act much more beneficially for themselves and others, but is impossible, for as long as we must glorify ourselves and not the entirety of creation. Our bad in spite of faith. Education? Maybe higher learning would help? Prosperity is more than possible when you're not at war and can focus on the development of true prosperity which is communal peace and a happy healthy life with others while making accomplishments that empower the people (Constitution of the United States). Considering the sins of our fathers this most likely could never be, and never could be an overnight process; yet could be made manifest with faithful devotion to the development of the Utopia our children deserve. If it's not possible how can you state that heaven is when its the same concept? Faithful devotion is a job, just ask the pope, the rabbi, the minister and remember they are all teaching you about heaven and how to get there? Karma? Clue?

    To bad it looks like hell from where I'm standing. I wonder why? Perhaps because we don't realize that we are all part of one COMMUNITY? Huh?  


Law is a ladder that reaches for transcendent freedom by encouraging that persons influence to the end of eliminating social hardships that promote detriment and/or illness. Freedom is understanding law whilst always laboring to perfect it freely.


In the name of the Father...Near dead and barely capable I did defend myself; thought little more than a blur... The arresting officer knew me (?), and even the nurse at intake imparted her mockery's slur... "This is what we call poetic justice"? Thought but a blur? Obvious was mine innocence yet more important than justice or law were the feelings of white trash tramps; those whom can not reason, thus the slight America does incur.

In the name of the Son...I did even call the police myself, defending children young... Still it was I who was arrested for their undoing already begun... My ribs were cracked for defending children (?), my life completely undone... Therefore I curse America, for every G.I., ever, dead I pray the murderer the glory in heaven he has won.

In the name of the Spirit ...No life should have to know thee, no child should have to, unto thee, be born... May the mother aborting know herself justified whenever she thinks of your scorn... No life cursed to know thine nation will ever be more than war-lorn and worn... I swear to the choice of the child, everyone, for individual idiocy being but constitution, your only promise, torn...Amen Elohim, Amen.In prison I will have an abortion chosen by the child for having to know your nations lowlife people. By God it is so blessed to make a byword of thee...

Amen Elohim, Amen.

So mote it be!

"Cave's Transcendent Spirit."

Thine biblical free will in choice...

Does this "Holy Father"

Encourage the sacred



Per the womb

To nine months of gloom,

Remembering abomination?

Just and true

Thine condemnation?


Life can be cruel?

As the pyre's stake

Or law's accusation


Protecting human life?

Yours like any others,

Like your choice,

Infinite in effectual?


Of thine voice?

All is soul!

Dripping moist

With humane concern.

Give me life

To remind tyrannical

Of it's turn to burn?

Spare yours?

Karma in our chores

Totality implores

Thee mindful

Of the future

To come?

Yet ye will

Have thine own mind...

A son's heart in drum...

For Goddess...

Against despotic shame...

"Holy Father"?

Thine fame?

Saints of only Paul?

Art thou all?

Never born I am thine bane...

Forgiveness yours?

Mathematical absurdity?


Amen Hera, Amen.

So make it be.


"Unto Death! Silence Republican Glory?"


For a single life,

Reflection of infinite,

To suffer slight?

Christian most right!

Noble beyond vanity's fight,


Yet her life is so this same glory?

Your story,

And all that we do or aspire to?

Only greatest good can stand...

Should innocent woman

Suffer prison

For mentally ill

That can consume man?

Herself always a stronger incarnation

Of Holy Trinity,

The triquetra divinity!


Even when traumatized,

We must let her find her own way.

All suffer and benefit.

Come what may.

Withering a glory of growth


For the Chaos Complexity.

I know your right,

Please see me.

Amen Elohim, Amen.

May it be. 

Created by Western Twilight